Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday's Thankful Three - The Knee Edition

I'm sure a thankful post about knees may seem random. For those of us blessed with healthy ones, we don't think about them much. We even take them for granted. Sometimes, we may even throw a little hate their way. I've never liked the way my legs look, and my knees are the primary offenders.

But a few things happened this past week
 prompting me to pause and give thanks for the sturdy joints in my life. 

Saturday, my parents and I completed the Color the Smokies 5K event. Mother and I rocked our tutus as we walked through color stations with Daddy tutu-less, but along for the fun. Both of them have had knee problems followed by surgeries. I'm thankful to God and their doctors to be able to make these memories with them.

My hemophiliac mutant ran into the coffee table last week causing a big ole knot to swell up just underneath his knee. Scary for sure, but I'm thankful his injury wasn't any worse. As the nurse explained, the fact that his knot isn't growing means that the internal bleeding has stopped. Barring re-injury (it will take several weeks to heal, so that's quite possible - prayers please!) he won't require a blood treatment this round.


Also, I'm very thankful for his hematologist's staff - most specifically the nurse who fields my "what should I do?" phone calls. I'm horrible with names, but this same sweet woman has talked me through several different incidences despite having never met me in person. She explains to me what to look for, how the injury should behave, and under what circumstances he needs to come in for a treatment. 

This isn't Pollyanna gratitude. Sometimes we have to remember that our burdens in life would be blessings to others. Ugly blessings (or hard eucharisteo as Ann Voskamp calls them) produce some of the most beautiful gifts God could provide.

For what are you thankful this week?


  1. These are all good reasons to be thankful. I'm thankful I made it through my first 5k with L - mostly unscathed. :) And I'm thankful we have the funds to fix the never ending house issues that keep arising.

  2. Those are good thankfuls for sure!
    (Love the tutus's!)

  3. I've never thought about being thankful for my knees. I am one who has totally taken them for granted. So glad that his injury wasn't worse and will pray that he doesn't re-injure it!