Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cruisin' - The Count Up

Our cruise returned to US soil last Saturday. That's a full 10 days of Internet access without blogging a word of it. And I pretend to be a writer!!!

I took my iPad (but not the Bluetooth keyboard) with every intention of writing a daily synopsis. I didn't have Internet, but I could always copy/paste to post when I returned. In reality, I used the tablet to read when I was in bed and didn't want the overhead light on.

Then of course I came back to laundry, a week's worth of work (ya know, what I'm expected to do in exchange for a meager salary and a Cadillac health care plan), not to mention the epic #firstworldproblem of re-entry into life.

A week without cooking, dishes, or housework can really spoil a girl!!!

After a few days of the post-vacation blues, my social life picked up and I've had a full calendar since Friday. I write all this in an attempt to assuage my guilt for not giving my blog as much attention as I feel I should. Because you guys are totally out there judging me right??

If not, its because you're not out there. EEEK - that's worse. After gaining 7 pounds on the cruise I'm a bundle of insecurity and self-doubt.

So here I am. Blogging, while not sharing much of anything. How about a 2-for-Tuesday synopsis?

  1. The weather was perfect.
  2. We had a blast.
More later. Including, but not limited to: kayaking, blue moon martinis, stand-up-paddle boarding, Cards Against Humanity, snorkeling, Todd & Holly's vow renewal ceremony, Lido deck's hairy chest contest, and Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Counting Down the Hours

Only 4 working hours until my vacation begins!!!

The cruise doesn't leave until Saturday, but Jay and I are driving a good portion of the way tomorrow afternoon. The friends we are cruising with live 2 hours from Charleston. We're staying over night with Holly & Todd. Saturday morning, we are all going to caravan to the port.

I'm still not 100%, so I skipped yet another workout. Instead, I used today's lunch hour to shop for new sandals. I didn't realize until I started packing earlier in the week, but I don't own a pair of brown heeled sandals. I've had several straps break on shoes this past year or so, but I have so many I haven't bothered to replace them.

Until today that is. I stopped at 3 different stores and tried on at least a dozen pair. These weren't exactly what I was looking for (the heel is a bit thicker than I'd like), but sometimes a girl has to make compromises. Especially when said girl wears a size 9 narrow.  

I've still got a few last minute things to pack, toiletries and the like, but for the most part I've got my clothing packed up and am excited to head out!!

Sorry I didn't get around to pre-scheduling posts while I'm gone, but I hope to have some epic photos and stories when I return!!

Are you vacation this summer?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cruise Countdown - 4 to go!

Hard to believe, but the countdown is on! For weeks, months even, I've wanted the cruise to hurry up and get here already. Now that its almost here, I want more time! 

Late last week I started getting sick. Cough, sore throat - you know the drill. So yesterday I headed to urgent care to try to get something to knock it in the head before we leave. I left with a 10 day course of antibiotics. I'm already feeling better BUT I'll still be taking the medication on the cruise, and I've read it can make you sensitive to sunlight.


Let's just go ahead and change that "May cause" statement to "Will cause." Cause it has. I'm just hoping that my body will adjust and this isn't something I'll have to deal with on the boat.


First thing in the door at the urgent care office they requested my insurance card and drivers license. I sat down to fill out my paperwork, only to be called back to the counter. "I'm sorry ma'am, but this is no longer a valid form form of ID. It expired yesterday."

 From our moves, the address on my license wasn't correct and the renewal notice never reached me. I guess I assumed the renewal process was every 10 years instead of 5. Never crossed my mind I could show up to the port in Charleston without all my paperwork in order.

I'm so thankful to have gone to urgent care, for her to notice and point it out to me. I'm also thankful I brought my make-up bag with me, just in case I went to work after leaving the doctor. Even if this isn't the hairstyle I would have chosen had I known it was going to stay with me for the next 5 years.

Have you ever cruised? If so, are there any must-pack items to take with me?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cruise Countdown: T-minus 7 Days

Not sure how its possible, but I feel as if our upcoming cruise has been planned forever and up on me all at the same time. Here I sit, a week away, and I'm not really sure I'm ready.

This time next week, we'll be on our way to Charleston, South Carolina to meet our floating home for the following week. I'm really not sure what I'm going to think about it. My claustrophobia is weird and doesn't really make sense (does any phobia?), so I'm a bit concerned about being trapped on the open water with no escape.

Then there is the small room. Many moons ago (perhaps a decade) a friend suggested a rolling duffel as the perfect solution to the cramped quarters. This way a cruiser could unpack, but then stow the case under the bed and out of the way.  I bought the bag then never took the cruise. I love it though. when it tears up I plan on buying another - even if Jay and I don't catch the cruising bug like a lot of our friends. 

Hold please while I add hangers to my master packing list. 

Jay doesn't have a proper suitcase, so I'm borrowing one from a friend. Since we'll be attending a on-board vow renewal (the friends we are traveling with are celebrating 20 years of marriage) Jay and I will both be packing nicer-than-normal attire. For this, I'm borrowing a garment bag from my parents. 

Perhaps I'll spend the next week doing other SOC posts about my preconceived cruise thoughts. While there will be no posting while I'm gone, I hope to write up this vacation as it happens, then of course post it when we get back and logged onto the Internets.
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