Saturday, October 18, 2014

Time Once Again

...its Stream of Consciousness Saturday! I'm linking up with Jaime, you should too. All the cool kids are doing it!!!!

I should post a picture of me in my hipster-wanna-be glasses. Instead, I'm setting the timer for 5 minutes for a brain dump. Once of these days I might start a topic list for these posts. Let me know if there is some thing you'd like to add. For now however, buckle up and get ready to ride!

This evening I'm going to a friend's house for a t-shirt cutting party. Okay, that's not a real thing. I just made it up. But we are having dinner and cutting t-shirts.

Okay that was dumb. Stopping the timer and starting again.

While I was on vacation (Maine, by way of Maryland), I auto posted a blog about the last hike I took with my family for my grandfather's 82nd birthday. I'm excited to do another hike with them this weekend. I'm thankful that my family is healthy enough to hike, even if they go very, very slowly. After all, its not about the hike but enjoying the view and the company.

(Expecting my mother to call in 3 - 2 - 1: "Gee thanks Brooke")

Tonight I'm heading to over to Gvan's aka Pink Runner Girl to slice and dice a few PRG special shirts. We're running the Ragnar Relay next week with 10 other ladies, team name Girls Just Wanna Go Run. We're gonna deck ourselves out in 80s gear, off the shoulder t-shirts included.

Between church and the Ragnar team meeting, I need to squeeze in a long run. I've got 2 back to back (Saturday/Sunday) half marathons the following weekend and I missed my long runs on vacation.

Heck - I missed most of my runs on vacation. In a 2 week time period, I ran once - which included the day we got back. Thankfully my shorter runs haven't suffered. I'm hoping I can say the same for my long ones!

Confession: I just cheated and looked at the clock. I didn't have something in my head to say and I wanted to see how much more I needed to come up with. 11 seconds. Just about time this perfectly!!

Until next time...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wreckage on the Shore

As we go through life many of us are desperate, grasping for control. Others live their lives in a free-fall. The reality is, both types are similarly fated.

For those us seeking control, that for which we reach for may help us be less of a mess. Calendars, schedules, and plans may help to a degree, but the ONE who saves does so much more than that.

Jay and I witnessed this shipwreck while we were in Maine:  the day of the wreck, the boat was still in tact. There were a few holes here and there, but she was a recognizable ship.

photo credits for all photos: jay fradd

The crews pumped the oil out immediately, but left her there. That very night a storm came and bashed the ship to bits.

What if, however, a crane had come? And instead of doing damage control, the ship would have been lifted out of the wreck? Just a few touch ups here and there, and she would have been saved.

Instead, now she is bits and pieces. Sure she lived a good life and didn't really hurt anyone along the way. She'll probably be memorialized in pieces as wall art or some such.

But wouldn't it be far better to live on? To continue in the purpose for which it was created?

 That is why faith in THE ONE with the power to save is so important. Without it, we cannot fulfill our reason for creation - worshiping HIM now and forever more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Andrew's Bald - Trail Report

A couple of weeks ago, for my grandfather's birthday, the family got together and hiked to Andrew's Bald and back, then took a side trip up to Clingman's Dome. My grandmother says its rude to mention someone else's age, but I'll remind you that last year Papaw Delmar won first place in the 80+ division of a local race.

At the top, we chipper and ready to head off. Since the bulk of the elevation is taken care of on the drive up to the trail-head, the trail actually descends to the bald. This makes hikers experience the climb on the way back.

The views from the bald weren't that that remarkable, in comparison from those seen from the parking area, but we certainly enjoyed the hike down. Of course there were far less people at the bald, where we sat to enjoy our lunch.

While there, we encountered a park ranger and all proceeded to "Delmar" him.  To Delmar: A verb meaning to talk to anyone or anything.

My dad is constantly fussing on Jay and me about our need to get pictures of ourselves on rocks or ledges. The picture above is his imitation.

We grabbed some pictures then started the hike back up. I tried to stay towards the back of the group because I knew some of the members of our party would have a bit of difficulty making the climb. And no, I don't mean the 8X year old man.

At the trail junction sign, we could either go left and take a 0.5 mile trail to the tip top of the mountain or we could return 0.1 to the trail-head and the parking lot.  We decided a half mile would be no big deal, and it would be worth the view.

Forgetting the half mile was a part of the Appalachian Trail, and some of the steepest climbs in the park. We eventually made it to another trail junction, and realized we had yet another 0.3 miles before connecting into the Clingman's Dome path. Thankfully, this trail pretty much followed the ridge-line and didn't include much elevation gain.

At the viewing tower, we attempt to gain our bearings. Depending on the clarity of the moment (which at that elevation can change at any time), the posted/labeled pictures help.

At one point, the family started Delmaring the dude in the red shorts (above picture). He had ran the Andrew's Bald trail - passed us going down as we were traveling up. He managed to make the tower around the same time as us.

We imposed on the kindness of strangers, and managed to get a picture of the whole group together.

The paved path isn't as easy as one would think. Losing 300 feet of elevation in only a half mile makes for slow going downhill, unless one is so inclined to roll like a snowball down to the bottom.

Everything about this hike was perfect - the clouds, temperature, and most of all the company. Not a bad way for an octogenarian to spend his birthday!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Confession: Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Yet another Stream of Consciousness segment linking up with Jaime. Setting my timer for 5 minutes and seeing where this takes us. 

Confession: Every time I write one of these posts, I have to triple check my spelling of the 3rd word. Not going to take time to look it up this time. I can make vague reference and you know what I mean with better time economy than I can if I spend time double checking my spelling.

Confession: My weird dreams have tapered off, and I'm disappointed. Then again, what should I expect? After dating the Rock in my first crazy-bizarre-drug-induced dream, they could only go downhill from there.

Confession: I typically write my own blog posts before venturing over into BlogLovin to read others posts. I have the app on my tablet at home, but in order to comment I have to venture to the page and that's just a pain in my tush.

Confession: Still haven't bought that keyboard. I got a recommendation for one, then saw the price. Funny, it was around the same amount that I spent registering for a half marathon, yet I didn't even flinch to sign up for the race.

Confession: My forearms are getting sore typing this. How's that for weak sauce? Maybe its from holding the 18# body bar through a good portion of yesterday's Total Body weights class? I sure hope so. Otherwise this is just plain embarrassing for an "office specialist" (fancy name for lower-than-secretary around these parts).

Confession: I often use the "confession: enter random text" and think it makes whatever it is I'm posting seem more interesting. As if it beefs up the juice factor.

I'd love to read your random thoughts! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you post/link up, so that I can be sure to read it. I'll be on vaca all next week and I'm hoping to be too busy to check in often.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Site Seeing - Thursday's Thankful Three

A couple of weeks ago, my whole family (parents, sis + hers, BJay) loaded up and headed to Cincinnati. Since we were kids, my parents always took us on a family vacation. A few times, our destination involved a plane ride and a far off place - Hawaii, Grand Canyon/Las Vegas, Ireland.

For the most part, however, we didn't take lavish vacations. The destination wasn't the point, but rather an added benefit. The goal of family vacation was (and still is) enjoying one another. How better to do that than loading up in a car, driving for hours, and eating bologna sandwiches, chips, and cucumbers on the side of the road?

This summer, when I was lamenting the lack of vacation this summer I decided to mimic those memories. A quick trip to the grocery store and we were all set - Jay and I ate our sandwiches by the pool and I felt like I had instantly transported to the good ole days.

I'm very thankful we're still able to make memories with my family in a similar manner. Instead of one room and having to share a bed with my sister, we have 3 rooms - one for each family we've evolved into. But trips like these keep us a tight knit family,

Wow - what a rambling set up for me say:

My sister and I 

Friday night the crew (minus my mom and niece) went to see the Reds play the New York Mets (my sister's favorite team). The next day Kelly and I got up early and took to the streets. We ran from our hotel, to the Newport side of the "People Bridge" then across the river into Ohio.

My sister is a running freak of nature. After having never ran, or followed a training plan, she busted out a 4 mile run with me earlier this summer. She's not a speedster (she is my sister after all), but I remember the work I put into making my body run 3.1 miles without stopping.

I decided to push her a bit more, after all, there isn't much difference between running 4 miles and running 5 miles. We encountered a bit of traffic on the bridge thanks to walk events on each side of the river. I think the Kentucky side was to raise money for diabetes research and the Ohio side was a downs syndrome awareness walk.

My goal was 9 miles for the day, so I dropped her off back at the hotel and gave her the instructions to retrace our steps and find me if I wasn't back in an hour.

Despite these pictures being weeks old, I wanted to post my thankfulness for this trip.

For my sister, my running buddy, my friend
(today is her birthday!)
For memories made
For family tree with strong roots

For what are you thankful this week?