Friday, October 17, 2014

Wreckage on the Shore

As we go through life many of us are desperate, grasping for control. Others live their lives in a free-fall. The reality is, both types are similarly fated.

For those us seeking control, that for which we reach for may help us be less of a mess. Calendars, schedules, and plans may help to a degree, but the ONE who saves does so much more than that.

Jay and I witnessed this shipwreck while we were in Maine:  the day of the wreck, the boat was still in tact. There were a few holes here and there, but she was a recognizable ship.

photo credits for all photos: jay fradd

The crews pumped the oil out immediately, but left her there. That very night a storm came and bashed the ship to bits.

What if, however, a crane had come? And instead of doing damage control, the ship would have been lifted out of the wreck? Just a few touch ups here and there, and she would have been saved.

Instead, now she is bits and pieces. Sure she lived a good life and didn't really hurt anyone along the way. She'll probably be memorialized in pieces as wall art or some such.

But wouldn't it be far better to live on? To continue in the purpose for which it was created?

 That is why faith in THE ONE with the power to save is so important. Without it, we cannot fulfill our reason for creation - worshiping HIM now and forever more.

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  1. It's amazing how fast that ship was totally wrecked. What a great application to what you saw!