Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cruisin' - Farewell

I've told all my cruise adventure stories, but had a few more pictures to leave you with - all taken our last evening on the cruise. Unfortunately, Jay and I never got a good picture of the two of us. Either I looked good or he did, but never together.

Jay and I had carried on a bottle of honey wine - something that absolutely disgusted my self-professed "cork dork" friend Holly. Thankfully she loves me anyway. 


Jay used his injuries (a bum ankle and skinned knee - two separate incidences) as an excuse not to dance with me. During the appropriate part of dinner, Mark was more than happy to step up and fill in for him.


After dinner, while the rest of the crew was at the Styx concert, we headed over to our usual spot,the Majestic lounge, and get this snap.

After the concert, the crew met back up on the smoking deck for cigars and cocktails. Karen and Jay didn't partake, but were sports to hang out in the smoky with us.

 And a good time was had by all.
...of this adventure.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cruisin' - Nassau

Since we leave tomorrow for vacation, I figured now was as good a time as any to finish up blogging about the cruise. Not sure why I haven't done this sometime over the past month, but whatevs yo. 

Nassau was the last port on our cruise, Jay and I had gone it alone the other two excursions. The beer walk we had decided upon, however, drew the rest of the crew (save the wine-o) out and about with us.

The tour took us to 3 different craft brewpubs, and at each we got 3 samples. Walking from bar to bar we were given a brief history of the City. It was a fun excursion, made even better thanks to the crowd along for the ride...erm...walk.

At the last stop, a few in the group took advantage of the free WiFi, and discovered a rum distillery within walking distance. After purchasing some souvenirs, enjoying a few more pints of the darker beers, we set off for part 2 of the adventure.

We walked around the grounds and facilities, then headed to the gift shop for some sampling. Chatting up the bartender, we learned that he was dating the gift shop attendant who had originally greeted us upon our arrival. This really highlights our trip - talking to people and hearing their stories.

We saw this church on our walk back. I have no clue what I'm doing in this picture. Storming the castle perhaps? Back on the ship, we prepared for our last formal evening of the cruise. 

I borrowed my dress from my niece - one of her (much older) friends had gifted it to her. She loves to sew, and she was planning on deconstructing it then rebuilding her own masterpiece. I'm just thankful to have gotten my hands on it for the cruise.

All week, we'd had the same wait-staff. Joseph, the head server, was sweet and funny, not to mention great at his job. So thankful we were able to get a group photo with him. 

While the professional photos were expensive, the impromptu goofy group shot turned out better than the one of us perfectly posed. I'm so thankful Holly and Todd purchased this one!