Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Concert Recap Pt 2 - Thompson Square

After Thursday's Eric Church concert, Jay and I planned to hit up the Thompson Square free concert sponsored by a local moonshine distillery. I had ran a cold half marathon that morning (snow flurries for my drive to the race), and wasn't sure I wanted to go back out in the cold again. Thankfully the afternoon concert start didn't leave me too much time to back out.

The concert was held just outside the distillery's retail shop, and all the seating was taken by the time we got there. After a few songs, and walking around a bit, we decided to head inside to warm up.

We might have had a moonshine sample or two. Yep, that's a cherry soaked in the liquor. Turns out the sample bar offered one of the best views of the concert.

They sang all their well known songs, along with the classic duet Jackson (made famous by Johnny Cash and June Carter). The concert was fun, and I enjoyed their casual conversational banter between songs. I suspect they were cold as well, because the performance only lasted an hour.

Once again my photography skills are lacking, but Jay was able to get pretty close to them walking through the store on their way off of the stage. I've got to get better at pictures for my blogs!!

Ooh a spider!

Now for a random change of subject - hope you have an incredible Thanksgiving! I'll be extra thankful if spidey doesn't try to shower with me again.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Concert Recap Pt 1 - Going to Church

The last week of October and the first weekend of November, I doubled my fun - twice! November 1st and 2nd I ran a half marathon each day, earning two new 13.1 medals as well as a 3rd for "Doing the Double." That's not what this blog is about. (Be patient, its coming. Maybe.)

Jay & I took in 2 concerts in 3 day time period. The first was at Knoxville's Thompson Boling Arena to see my favorite artist in country music these days - Eric Church.

I blame the gym lighting for not getting a decent picture. I was more excited than Jay (I think) but he had the added excitement of seeing one of his besties from college.

As we were hanging out in the concourse, someone hit me on the booty as she passed. "Um, I hope you know her." Jay's friend said, as I looked up. It was one of my current besties, Kristi. She's my concert go-to chica because we have similar tastes in music. I didn't get a picture of her that night, but remember her from the Dolly concert?

I did blog that concert, right? Gosh, I must really like coral! Anyhoo the concert was amazing! Brandy Clark was the opening act, followed by Dwight Yoakam. Then Mr. Church took the stage and did not disappoint...

...even if my pictures are a giant epic fail. He sang (most of) my favorite songs and of course I sang right along with him. Jay & I disagreed on how awesome some of his new songs are - a bit more rocking/edgy.

If you're not familiar with Eric Church, I'd recommend doing a YouTube tour of his stuff. Be sure you listen to my favorites Jack Daniels (above) and Lightening (below) to get an idea of his range.

Talk to me: Have you been to any good concerts lately? For my photographer friends, what's the secret to a good concert photo?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

In the Dark

Ready for another installment of Stream of Conciousness Saturday? Hold please, while I set the timer for 5 minutes. And away we go!!

I've started and stopped this blog post too many times. First, Jay decided to discuss Christmas decor with me. Both our home, and the two rentals. We find that December does better when we have holiday pictures up for potential guests to see when they are considering ours amongst so many other options.

Then I started to go down the depressing route. Its cold and dark here at my cabin way in the winter all too often. We are built into the side of a hill and only get a couple hours of sunlight, and of course its dark by 6PM thanks to daylight saving time.

But mostly I don't want to be Debbie Downer. My heart is heavy, but I'm trying to stay positive. I'm not sure how good of a job I'm doing though. Mostly I just think I'm sticking my head in the sand, and not truly accomplishing anything.

When I feel the need to cry, I'm at work or around friends and don't feel like I can. When I'm at home, I can't muster the tears. I know that sounds weird but...

Guess I chose the depressing option after all.

Do you have an "I need a good cry" movie or song as your go-to? Are you even a cryer?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Countdown

...or is it a count up? I considered doing a thanks-a-day post on Facebook as is trendy for the month of November. Instead I have tried to commit to writing 5 things in my journal every day. I've had some good days where my list was seemingly endless, and some bad where it was a struggle to find one good thing.

These date back a few weeks months, but as Blanche Devereaux says "Better late than pregnant!"

4078) Jay's help deboning a whole chicken
4088) Papaw's 82nd birthday
4094) Good hiking weather
4107) Stranger's tools when Jay's Durango broke down
4110) Bible not damaged by water spilled on nightstand

4120) Ziplining with the girls
4135) Saturday football nap
4142) Fog in the field on a cool morning
4152) Talking to random Honor Air veterans

 "I'm the only lady, so I get the flowers!" she joked

4164) Daddy + Jay = Two peas in a pod
4172) Fog clinging to the Virginia Mountains
4184) Golden delicious brandy beer
4197) Firecracker sound @ York cliffwalk
4204) Chatting with Maine Marathon finishers
4210) Bible study at sunrise
4222) Reading while looking out the side porch into Somes Sound

4230) Oopsie gone right - Champlain Mountain hike
4242) Beech Cliff Trail (iron rung hike)
4253) Jay, looking out for me
4267) Seat warmers
4275) Glow of the full moon
4287) Red glow of the sun, just before cresting the horizon
4293) Picnic lunches
4309) Sense of humor on whale watch
4311) NACHOS!!!!

This doesn't get me any where near caught up, but I thought I'd pause there. Maybe by next week, I'll actually have listed items from this month!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shamrock Marathon - Training Tuesday

Confession: I've never properly trained for a marathon.

Sure, I've gotten long runs in on the weekend and did some mid-week runs. Its not like I just showed up on race day expecting to go the distance. However, I've never seen a training plan through start to finish.

The first obstacle is always the mid-week medium run. Straight up, I have never done one. I can't figure out how. During my winter marathon training its dark when I go into work and when I leave. I don't run in the dark solo, ever. The thought of 60-90 minutes on the treadmill, while perfectly safe, isn't appealing.

Profession: For this, my 4th marathon, I vow to follow a training plan to the best of my ability.

I'm going to keep it simple - Hal Higdon, Novice 2.  To that, I'll be adding in 2 days of Total Body weight training class as my cross trains, and we have a few hikes planned as well.  My training buddy Kelly is also signed up for the race, so she and I will be completing the midweek runs - keeping each other accountable and safe.

Hypothesis: Marathon training takes far fewer miles than anyone truly thinks.

Of course I hold this as a truth, given my history with the 26.2 distance. With each race I've significantly bettered my finishing time, while also taking training less seriously.

The opposite could also be true - what if, properly trained, I was capable of far more than I can imagine? Hence the purpose of the test. Do all the runs. Log all the miles, then sit back and compare the results.

Training starts this week. The mileage is supposed to be 3 - 5 - 3 - 6, but that's a significant cut back to what I'm currently running. So my question to you is this:

Is it cheating the marathon plan to do more than prescribed? Or is the mileage to be considered a minimum?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Livin' Part of Life

Today I'm using a blue-tooth keyboard for my iPad mini for the very first time. I tend not to blog when I'm away from my desktop, which can limit me certain times of year. A friend let me borrow the keyboard she never uses, so we'll see if I like it.

So far so good!!!

I keep thinking I should say the words  "sorry I've been a bad blogger" cause that's what everyone else says when they go for long stretches without posts. But my regret about blogging has nothing to do with my blog friends. If it did, the correct phrase would be "sorry I've not been an available friend."

Which there is some of that.

But mostly my blog regrets are to myself. I've had these epic life moments and failed to record them for memory's sake. How is that a thing? Guilt for being too busy with life to record life. Shouldn't I be happy to have made those memories?

Maybe this means I should vow when life slows down to blog them any way - even if its months after the events happen. I have pictures to jog my memory. And maybe just beginning the writing will help. If not, I suppose it wasn't much to retain any way.

Seriously, times up? That's all you get from me?

I'm linking up with Jaime - let me know if you do so I can read yours! I've definitely been a bad blog reader these days. I'd love to be lazy yet still keep up with how things are going with you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The First Post is the Hardest.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay behind in my posts, so I thought I'd break the ice by telling you what's to come. And if I don't blog about it you pester me until I do. Please? Last year I very much regretted not blogging about my Ragnar Relay experience, but by the time I got around to it I'd forgotten the important details I wanted to savor.

  • York, ME - Cliff Walk
  • Acadia National Park
  • Southwest Harbor, ME
  • RI Cliff Walk
  • Baltimore, MD

  • Sleepover, night before
  • Signal Mountain - 5 miles
  •  Fun in the van
  • 6.7 overnight run
  • 6 mile sunrise
Other running
  • Halloween Pub Run
  • Farragut 13.1
  • Foothills Half Marathon
  • Double Half weekend
  • Upcoming half race plan
  • Upcoming 26.2 training plan
  • Eric Church concert
  • Thompson Square concert
  • 6th wedding anniversary (coming up on Saturday)
  • Prayer requests