Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Countdown

...or is it a count up? I considered doing a thanks-a-day post on Facebook as is trendy for the month of November. Instead I have tried to commit to writing 5 things in my journal every day. I've had some good days where my list was seemingly endless, and some bad where it was a struggle to find one good thing.

These date back a few weeks months, but as Blanche Devereaux says "Better late than pregnant!"

4078) Jay's help deboning a whole chicken
4088) Papaw's 82nd birthday
4094) Good hiking weather
4107) Stranger's tools when Jay's Durango broke down
4110) Bible not damaged by water spilled on nightstand

4120) Ziplining with the girls
4135) Saturday football nap
4142) Fog in the field on a cool morning
4152) Talking to random Honor Air veterans

 "I'm the only lady, so I get the flowers!" she joked

4164) Daddy + Jay = Two peas in a pod
4172) Fog clinging to the Virginia Mountains
4184) Golden delicious brandy beer
4197) Firecracker sound @ York cliffwalk
4204) Chatting with Maine Marathon finishers
4210) Bible study at sunrise
4222) Reading while looking out the side porch into Somes Sound

4230) Oopsie gone right - Champlain Mountain hike
4242) Beech Cliff Trail (iron rung hike)
4253) Jay, looking out for me
4267) Seat warmers
4275) Glow of the full moon
4287) Red glow of the sun, just before cresting the horizon
4293) Picnic lunches
4309) Sense of humor on whale watch
4311) NACHOS!!!!

This doesn't get me any where near caught up, but I thought I'd pause there. Maybe by next week, I'll actually have listed items from this month!


  1. Love your thanks - especially the 2 peas in a pod one. :)

  2. I've been writing my thanks this month every few days on the blog. I like remembering just how good life is!

  3. I think it's great that you've kept this up for so long! I had every intention of continuing after the first 1,000, but I haven't been very faithful with it. I should start back up again!