Monday, November 24, 2014

Concert Recap Pt 1 - Going to Church

The last week of October and the first weekend of November, I doubled my fun - twice! November 1st and 2nd I ran a half marathon each day, earning two new 13.1 medals as well as a 3rd for "Doing the Double." That's not what this blog is about. (Be patient, its coming. Maybe.)

Jay & I took in 2 concerts in 3 day time period. The first was at Knoxville's Thompson Boling Arena to see my favorite artist in country music these days - Eric Church.

I blame the gym lighting for not getting a decent picture. I was more excited than Jay (I think) but he had the added excitement of seeing one of his besties from college.

As we were hanging out in the concourse, someone hit me on the booty as she passed. "Um, I hope you know her." Jay's friend said, as I looked up. It was one of my current besties, Kristi. She's my concert go-to chica because we have similar tastes in music. I didn't get a picture of her that night, but remember her from the Dolly concert?

I did blog that concert, right? Gosh, I must really like coral! Anyhoo the concert was amazing! Brandy Clark was the opening act, followed by Dwight Yoakam. Then Mr. Church took the stage and did not disappoint...

...even if my pictures are a giant epic fail. He sang (most of) my favorite songs and of course I sang right along with him. Jay & I disagreed on how awesome some of his new songs are - a bit more rocking/edgy.

If you're not familiar with Eric Church, I'd recommend doing a YouTube tour of his stuff. Be sure you listen to my favorites Jack Daniels (above) and Lightening (below) to get an idea of his range.

Talk to me: Have you been to any good concerts lately? For my photographer friends, what's the secret to a good concert photo?


  1. Looks like lots of fun! He's got a great voice.
    I'm to cheap to go to concerts - they're so expensive now!

  2. I love those photos!!! I can feel the energy & Love the glare & stars of the lights!!
    concerts.. nope.. not in a few years...

  3. I'm not a photographer, but I mess with settings on my camera for awhile until I finally get one that works. I think you want the f-stop lower to open the lens up more, and you want to do something with the shutter speed to reduce the blur. And a higher ISO means more light, but sometimes you're too far away for that to work (I think). I don't suppose I'm so helpful! I barely got any good pictures at my last NTB concert, so I don't know why I'm trying to help!!