Thursday, October 2, 2014

Site Seeing - Thursday's Thankful Three

A couple of weeks ago, my whole family (parents, sis + hers, BJay) loaded up and headed to Cincinnati. Since we were kids, my parents always took us on a family vacation. A few times, our destination involved a plane ride and a far off place - Hawaii, Grand Canyon/Las Vegas, Ireland.

For the most part, however, we didn't take lavish vacations. The destination wasn't the point, but rather an added benefit. The goal of family vacation was (and still is) enjoying one another. How better to do that than loading up in a car, driving for hours, and eating bologna sandwiches, chips, and cucumbers on the side of the road?

This summer, when I was lamenting the lack of vacation this summer I decided to mimic those memories. A quick trip to the grocery store and we were all set - Jay and I ate our sandwiches by the pool and I felt like I had instantly transported to the good ole days.

I'm very thankful we're still able to make memories with my family in a similar manner. Instead of one room and having to share a bed with my sister, we have 3 rooms - one for each family we've evolved into. But trips like these keep us a tight knit family,

Wow - what a rambling set up for me say:

My sister and I 

Friday night the crew (minus my mom and niece) went to see the Reds play the New York Mets (my sister's favorite team). The next day Kelly and I got up early and took to the streets. We ran from our hotel, to the Newport side of the "People Bridge" then across the river into Ohio.

My sister is a running freak of nature. After having never ran, or followed a training plan, she busted out a 4 mile run with me earlier this summer. She's not a speedster (she is my sister after all), but I remember the work I put into making my body run 3.1 miles without stopping.

I decided to push her a bit more, after all, there isn't much difference between running 4 miles and running 5 miles. We encountered a bit of traffic on the bridge thanks to walk events on each side of the river. I think the Kentucky side was to raise money for diabetes research and the Ohio side was a downs syndrome awareness walk.

My goal was 9 miles for the day, so I dropped her off back at the hotel and gave her the instructions to retrace our steps and find me if I wasn't back in an hour.

Despite these pictures being weeks old, I wanted to post my thankfulness for this trip.

For my sister, my running buddy, my friend
(today is her birthday!)
For memories made
For family tree with strong roots

For what are you thankful this week?


  1. Good for you for doing those runs!
    Your vacation reminds me of our vacations - good memories!

  2. Fun memories! And happy birthday to your sister!!