Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Its that time again - setting the timer for 5 minutes and seeing what happens!!

I've got so many pictures to post and share, but very few words to write. Typically its the opposite. I'm really not a picture person. Jay is an excellent photographer - has the eye for lighting, just the right foreground or background, and perspective.

Mostly the pictures I take are of people, or fun things I've done along the way. I've yet to blog about my family's time in Cincinnati. My parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, Jay, and I went away for a 3 day weekend. We caught a Reds game, but beyond that we didn't do much.

What we did was spend time enjoying one another. Not sure how to get a picture of that or put it into words, but I'd like to try. I guess that's why I'm stalling. I want to explain what the pictures are, because they aren't the kind you'd say "oh, how pretty!" without knowing the back story.

The remainder of my year is slammed too. Its the time of year my blog tends to go radio silent. I don't really feel like I've gotten the feel of things since this time last year though, so I'm a little scared that blogging is something I'll let get away from me.

I need to get a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. My parents gave me birthday money for it all the way back in June, but I've never done the research and make the purchase. I need to get on it, though, so in my travels these next couple of weeks I have no excuses for not checking in.

Or sitting down and churning out a few at a time to schedule. Confession - I did that today, but there goes the timer.

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  1. My year is getting very busy too. I do get posts ready and schedule them - some are easy to do that with, others have to wait, but it's nice when it works!

  2. I want a keyboard too.
    I hate being bust, I really do. I like when life slows down and it's calm and relaxing. But yes the busy season is up ahead.

  3. I probably need to schedule some when I have the time. I still haven't finished my India posts (still waiting on pics from one of my teammates - ugh!), which means I probably never blogged about LA or New Mexico. I've gotten so bad about blogging since I started working. I don't know how you do it!

  4. I love my ZAGG keyboard for my iPad that I got at Target. And write when you FEEL it. The rest will work itself out.

  5. I have a camera FULL of photos! I just need to get my thoughts written down. Homecoming is in two weeks, and things are nuts in my world. And they will just continue to be busy. (I need to remember to take time for myself. I suggest the same for you.) ;)

  6. Get a new phone - that will force you to pare down the pictures in your old one when they say they'll give you $200 for it.

    I feel like I'm in a blogging rut - writing for 2 blogs makes that even harder. I need topics.