Thursday, September 18, 2014

4,000 and Counting

Over the past 2 weeks since my last thankful post, I've logged around a couple hundred more blessings in my life, pushing me over the 4,000 mark! Listed below is just a sampling:

3860) A moment to breathe, relax
3871) Pool time with the parents - refreshing drinks, steaks on the grill, football on the big screen, cigar on the back deck
3881) Sleeping through the storm
3892) Jesus in the every-day When the Game Stands Tall

3900) Jay's skill, knowledge at work
3913) Blue skies viewed while doing the back stroke in the pool
3924) RAGNAR!
3934) Finishing yet another book
3946) National Park passport stamps on family vacation
3951) Wearing Pawpaw's hat to Cincinnati Red's game

3964) Running with my sister (her longest run ever!)
3974) Fancy dinner with valet parking
3986) Hip-bumps with C1
3987) C2 on Jay's shoulders
3994) Sweet movie, sweet husband
4000) Answered prayer
4019) Running water - modern miracle
4021) Foot snuggles
4037) Being unnaturally pleasant despite less than 4 hours of sleep

 that's one sweaty butt print!

4044) Goofy race pics
4055) Jay cooking Sunday dinner
4061) Fair trade coffee - on sale!! 
4075) Relationships forged in Bible study

I love the blessing that comes from not only recording these things, but also looking back on how the Lord is constantly showing me how much He loves me.

What gifts have you been given this week which prompt you to pause and give thanks?


  1. Gosh you are so good.
    I think a productive week at home and work. Much needed!

  2. I got to meet some really great OM warriors this weekend! We also ate some really good food and enjoyed some nice scenery on our drive. And my kids enjoyed their time with one of our college students from church while Chris & I were away. Now maybe I'll just cut and paste this paragraph and call it a blog post. Haha!