Saturday, September 13, 2014

Attack of the Giant Lizard aka SoCS

Yet another Stream of Consciousness Saturday and boy do I have a doozy for ya!

Last night for a friend's 40th birthday, a bunch of us went out to play laser tag. I hadn't done it in a couple decades, Jay had never done it. The first round of play, we took a high place and stood together to protect it. We ended up finishing 3th and 4th out of 24 people.

Also I started taking my Singulair for fall allergies again this week. Still summer temps for my runs (boooooo!) but fall breathing as well. One of the reasons I only take Singulair in the fall is that it really messes it's my head.

All that to say...

Last night I dreamed that the Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) was my boyfriend. He and I were going to overtake this shark before it got out of control. Only he got trapped in a cave and the shark morphed into a lizard. I took charge to save the day. Jay was my ex in the dream, but he and I teamed up to help free my new honey.

Along the way a dude I dated a couple of the times made an appearance, and Jay got territorial. I reminded him how the Rock must feel about Jay and I working together.

Somewhere along the way my sis and her kiddos came into the picture. The giant lizard forgotten, but not my handsome man trapped in the cave.

Jay (in real life) had a business call this morning, waking me from my dream. Fitting that my 5 minute alarm just went off.

Until next week!!


  1. So ugh, the much LSD have you been taking missy?? Hehe!
    I love crazy dreams!

  2. Oh man, I've had dreams that have been crazy - all due to meds! What a crazy sleep! :)

  3. Haha! I had some crazy weird dreams the other medicine involved! I'm afraid to know what kind of dreams I might have on Singulair!