Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On Procrastination

Like much of America, I'm on the couch watching the USA versus Belgium "futbol match."

Only I've seen this part before.

The game started at 4PM when I was at work. Thanks to live streaming I watched it at my desk while I worked.*cough*

I skipped my after work run because I have stuffs to do around the house. My in-laws will be at my house in 2 days, so I only have tonight and tomorrow to get my house company ready.

When I got home, Jay was watching the match on DVR. He was 25 seconds into the game when I sat down with a bag of chips.

Right now I know the match goes into extra time with no score. Jay does not. Yet here I sit, watching.
Because the alternative is to get up and start cleaning.


  1. I'm very good at that too! I didn't watch the game though, not so into "futbol". :)

  2. Yep, I've been known to do the exact same thing.

  3. you sound like me last week too!! one evening I napped all evening to avoid cleaning for the weekend LOL