Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Solstice 7K - Race Report

Last year I ran this (as an 8K) and hated it. I swore this year I would volunteer and skip the misery. After all, its the after party that brings everyone back year after year. Then they changed the race location, distance, and style of race. It became a 7K cross country race in a completely different neighborhood. 

How could I resist a chance to "for fun" run with these ladies? For Gretchen's birthday, we all coordinated to wear our new Pink Runner Girl tanks (okay technically I borrowed one, mine hasn't arrive yet) and would use the after part as a way to celebrate our friend!

As a Knoxville Track Club official race, I knew a lot of people there - including my team the KTC  socialites. Running in a field, in the summer, at 6PM? Yeah, so who's surprised I felt miserable during this race?

The field made my allergies go so crazy that even 3 hits off my inhaler couldn't keep my breathing in check. The cross country portion slowed down our pace, but not enough for my body to handle it all. This, of course, is more of a reflection of asthma girl and not the race itself.

The other ladies did incredible! Christal managed to finish in top 25 females! Both Amy and Gretchen felt strong through out. Kelly was kind enough to slow down and keep me from giving up on myself. 

Distance 4.3 miles - Chip Time: 47:56
Age group - 4/14
Overall - 110/183

I felt nauseous most of the race and for a while afterward, making it a good thing I missed the big ole wheel races some of the girls had! I even felt too bad to enjoy the free BBQ and beer served post race.

I finally drank a coke and ate enough to get my stomach back to brave the giant trampoline. I'm a skeerdy cat by nature, so I found myself landing on my butt before finally giving up.

As dark started to fall, we pitched our tents, lit a fire, and enjoyed hanging out acting goofy.

The early birds of the group (I'm glaring at my tent mate Christal) woke the rest of us up fairly early. Some packed up and headed home, while others decided we were up for another big adventure. This was my first trip to the top of House Mountain, but I hope to take Jay back to enjoy the view.

In summation:
Just like last year, I hated the race. 
Just like last year, I loved the after party.
Just like last year, I'm vowing to volunteer next year.

Someone smack me if I mention racing again, 'kay?


  1. That's quite a view! What a bummer that you felt so crummy. Yay for you for finishing and hanging in there though!

  2. Sorry you didn't feel well, but my goodness, the after party look alike a blast!

  3. sorry you didn't feel well but sounds like you did a good job of making the best of it! what a fun time after!

  4. Oh my goodness - I want to climb to the top of that!!

  5. You felt that crummy and still finished 4th in your AG? I think you did better than you give yourself credit for.

  6. Looks like a fun race! Sorry you felt bad... Congrats on a great time!