Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Secret City Mud Run - 5K Race Report

For the first race of my last year in the 30-34 category, I have no stats to offer. I didn't track splits or even have a race plan in mind. Instead, on the anniversary of my birth, the girls and I hit the mud of Oak Ridge for some good, dirty fun.

We rocked some custom made Pink Runner Girl tanks, tiara headbands, and pink skirts. Along the back, she had personalized it with "Happy" "Muddy" "Birthday" "Brooke" and also each of our names of course since I was "Brooke" on the first string of text, "birthday girl" was printed across the bottom on my tank. Its a good thing my bottom is so wide! (Never thought I'd be caught saying that!)

We tired to position ourselves along the back, knowing we wouldn't be racing. After a brief stint on the road, racers turned right onto the Haw Ridge trail. We stepped aside a few times to let other racers pace. After all, goofy shenanigans aren't every one's cup of tea (although I fail to understand why).

Most of the "obstacles" in the beginning were waist-high lake crossings. Given the rope stretched from each bank, we had no problem covering this one. The slip and slide was my favorite obstacle (I might have done this one twice). And we finished climbing over and under a mud pit.

Goofy till the end, we held hands as we ran across the finish line.

I would have like to have seen a few more obstacles, but we had a great time. Perhaps the 10K option would be better for next year. Amy hypothesized that they were trying to keep the 5K kid friendly.

But who can complain about a race with a biscuit bar at the finish line. These girls wanted a little honey on their biscuits, but gravy and several kinds of jam were also options.

Once we cleaned up (thanks to a water hose and some baby wipes) we headed to Mimi's Cafe and enjoyed a little post-race birthday celebration out on their patio. All in all, this was a great way to get my birthday started right!

Full disclosure: That evening, I went to bed in the 9 o'clock hour. Dang I'm getting old!!


  1. This looks so fun and I loved what you and the girls were wearing!

  2. What a fun race to do on your birthday! I think you all look pretty cute, even when you're full of mud.

  3. what a super fun way to celebrate your birthday!! way to go!

  4. How fun! Maybe I'll do one of these with Cody some day!