Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The One Where I Ramble About My Goals

This past Saturday, I left the early 30s demographic and entered my mid 30s. In celebration, I made the weekend awesome and epic. I haven't decided if I'm going to put it all together in one ginormous blog post, or break it up and stretch it out all week. Given that I'm celebrating a birthday month, the prolonged approach definitely crossed my mind.

I've got a list of deep, wanna be insightful post ideas swirling around in my head (and compiled in a list via an email to myself) which I haven't taken the time to flesh out. First I was just getting back into the blogging routine. Monday, Wednesday, Friday - like clock-work, I wanted to publish something, anything in an attempt to get my mojo back.

Then May hit - the month of a race (almost) every weekend. I had reports to right. And of course who can forget the trail reports. I think my blogs are the only way Jay and I keep track of just how many miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park we've logged.

Truth be told, I have no plans on stopping those posts. I'll throw out an occasional fluffy What I Read Wednesday and of course the Foto Friday fun.


My desire is to get back to journaling again, bloggy style. Pouring out my heart on the page, then cleaning it up enough that I'm not sharing too much with the world. Sure, the fluff is a part of me, but its only a part. I hope to get back to more thoughtful blogs soon.

But first...


  1. Happy Birthday! I love that last picture. I think we all need a little fluff to go with the deep thoughts,right?

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I know what you mean about journaling. My blog has become more of a list of things I've done lately so that I might remember some of it down the road. I haven't even finished my India posts yet! {ftr, I totally would have them finished if I wasn't waiting on some pictures from a team mate who now has a broken computer. The pictures may be lost forever, which would totally suck!} Anyways, I hope I haven't spammed your email too much with the catching up that I did tonight!! <3

  3. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to read what you write!

  4. Happy birthday month!! I think your approach of just getting back into the rhythm of posting first and then refining the content is right on. I tend to always want to change my tone first, and then I sit on posts for months and never write anything :)

  5. I find myself in the same position--wanting to ACTUALLY blog again. Maybe we'll get there together :-)

  6. Happy late birthday I too am struggling w/postings... LOVE THAT VIEW & window seat! amazing!!