Friday, June 6, 2014

KTC Scavenger Run

These days, my blogs have been a bit picture heavy. Unfortunately, I'm not all that great of a photographer. There are just some adventures words aren't adequate to cover. The annual Knoxville Track Club Scavenger Run is one such event.

Our fearless leader creates rhyming clues to lead us from point to point and numbers us off like in gym class to form teams. A certain PINK friend of mine showed up a bit late, after we'd already broken up into teams, so we were more than glad to welcome her to team Purple People Eaters.

The boys named our team because of my outfit. YES, even my shoes were purple. And YES,  I did wear the purple ones to match. Too much? I suppose it depends on who ya ask.

Our first clue, and team picture took us a block up the road to the Melting Pot. We didn't get the restaurant logo in the picture, but as you can see above, it was pretty obvious where we were. (Please tell me you get it!)

The Masonic Temple was referenced with "secret hand shake" so we all joined hands. I guess my left hand was feeling a bit left out and decided to get wild?

Our adventures took us to a graveyard...

and to a speak-easy with an off-putting painting above the fireplace. (The kid is so creepy he photographs as a glare.)

A K-town event isn't complete without a power "T" - I'm the "U" of "UT" - I thought it was pretty self explanatory, but my darling love thought I was doing the "touchdown" signal.

The World's Fair Park is another "must" on the list of Knoxville "musts." We rocked out for a moment before moving on.

Our final stop of the evening was a rental car business. Celebrating the "we'll pick you up" claim, we got a bit creative with this one. Apparently we had a creeper photo-bombing the background (notice the eyeballs peaking up over my shoulder.)

Gretchen and I have another fun run planned tomorrow. For my birthday we - along with Amy and Christal (4 out of 6 from our Ragnar team van) - are going to do a Mud Run. I'm not sure we'll be able to find a way to bring a camera along, but knowing those girls we'll find a way to make pictures happen!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. looks like you had fun- I haven't every participated in a KTC sponsored "fun event' yet. I don't like to go places like that by myself (plus I am so slow I would hold everyone back LOL)

  2. This is so fun! I love that you get to do this with your group.

  3. Oh this looks so fun!

  4. How fun! I love scavenger hunts but have never done a Scavenger Run!

  5. this looks SO fun! I really want to do the Nashville one this year. Which means I need to look up the info, ha!