Thursday, July 17, 2014


Post 5 beautiful pictures of yourself.

This meme is making its rounds in my Facebook circles. Yesterday I found myself  tagged - challenged to find 5 pictures and share them with my timeline. 

The homework was harder than it seemed. I found myself sorting through pictures, dismissing them for one reason or another - the crinkle in my nose, the lines around my eyes, the poofiness of my hair. This task, meant as a reminder of my beauty, almost led me down a depressing thought pattern.

My life rarely finds me in full make-up and formal wear. Even when it does, I'm hardly the beauty who stands out. I don't even enjoy the hair/make-up/clothes routine. In fact I find it exhausting and overwhelming. One morning this week, I found myself checking Twitter while curling my hair because I felt like I was wasting my time standing still with a hot iron in my hand.

The moments in my life that I enjoy don't typically have a dress code. Whether it be a run event, an adventure with Jay, or hanging with my family, most often I have to make sure I'm dressed casual enough for the activities.  After all, the Alpine Coaster would have been a completely different adventure ridden in a skirt!

No, what makes me beautiful isn't my hair, nails, clothes, or make-up. Instead my beauty comes from my smile and confidence when I am surrounded by those I love, doing things that I love. 

Its a confidence of knowing no matter what - I'll always have these moments, this love. Knowing that though my circle may not be big, those who are in it adore me. 

Its {figuratively} letting my hair down. Or {literally} putting my hair up and diving head first into the moment. My beauty is a reflection of those around me. Those I love, and who love me are the best mirror this girl will ever have the pleasure of looking into.


  1. You've got it! And I say you are beautiful inside and out!

  2. You are BEAUTIFUL! It totally shines through on the blog!

  3. You are beautiful both inside and outside my friend!!

  4. I hear an echo around here. You are truly beautiful inside and out!

  5. *sorry if this gets posted twice but it disappeared*

    <3 and I may be doing a similar post :)