Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fireball 5K - Volunteer Race Report

Given my distaste for running in the heat, I opted out of running the Fireball 5K. The atmosphere of the race is fun, like other KTC races, so I signed up to work the race instead. True to form, my crazy friends decided we needed to dress up for the occasion.

Christal wore flip flops, and was unable to run the mile to and from the water stop, so I gave her my slot at the finish line. I've never worked a water stop before (my apologies for any awkward water hand offs!) but enjoyed it. My voice was hoarse from yelling "water in the from, Gatorade in the back" over and over and over again.

I got to watch the early leaders, and cheer on my friends as the finished up the first mile strong. I stayed on the "out" side until the last person passed, so I did miss a lot of my friends on their return (this was an out and back course. We were positioned just before he 1 mile marker and just after the 2.)

None of this, however, is noteworthy. My friends, teammates, and I have fun all the time. This blog isn't about me, but rather the lady I met at the tail end the race. After we cleaned up the water station, I began my jog back to the start/finish. After a few minutes, I noticed the police car ahead. I would have to switch to a walk to avoid passing some racers.

I didn't officially introduce myself, but I learned her name is Eva from the race results. I trotted alongside her and asked if she wanted company.

I would love to share our conversation, but somehow I feel like posting it would be a break of confidence.

This woman is an inspiration. She knew her limitations, put aside her doubts and pressed on.

No excuses.

Often I need these reminders. Running isn't about pace, place, or personal records. Sometimes the best moments come when I am honored to hear, and even become a part of someone else's story.


  1. You are a blessing! You could have just stayed home, but you offered to help, and I know the runners appreciated the fluids. I know you were as much of a blessing to Eva as she was to you.

  2. I needed this today! So glad you had that opportunity!

  3. Stories are huge! It's an honor to be a part of someone's, and it's an honor for someone to share theirs with you.