Friday, August 1, 2014

Oops, I Blogged too Soon aka Follow-up Friday

Yesterday's post was written/scheduled on Wednesday afternoon. That evening, Jay said his knee was getting worse. 


  • He did need a treatment.
  • The nurse's name is Denise.
  • I have officially met her. 
  • I resisted the urge to hug her yesterday.
I continue to ask for your prayers. He's supposed to stay off of it until Monday and we're hoping he doesn't need another treatment.

I'll amend my thanks - What would have been a $5,000 treatment is fully covered by my insurance. If that's not a blessing I don't know what is!!

Since they'll be a lot of couch time this weekend, anyone have movie suggestions to keep my 34 year old kid occupied?


  1. So thankful he has good insurance! Heather has crummy insurance and has been dealing with a kidney infection. No fun.
    Hope he behaves and it heals up quickly!

  2. Well, stink. I guess I shouldn't comment until I read all of the posts! Will continue to pray!