Friday, August 8, 2014

A Training Break?

Since the first of the year, I've been in almost a perpetual state of training. The first 3 months I was marathon training. After Covenant I took a week off and dived into 10K training. After Expo, I took a couple weeks off and started 8K training. Before starting my fall half marathon program, I want to give myself a month of to both mentally and physically recoup. Problem is, I have no clue what that looks like.
I’m registered for a half marathon on November 1st. In order to complete 12 full weeks of training, I’d have to start next week. On one hand – this half marathon is my major obstacle if I am going to PR at every distance this year. On the other – I’m really ready for a break.

3.25 mi
3 mi
Cades Cove
6 X Hills
Lower + 3
TI - 800
3 easy
90 min (3/1)
TI - 1 mi
Lower + 3
3 pace
90 min
7 X Hills
Lower + 3
35 SS
Hal 1M
Lower + 3
40 Tempo
3 easy
90 min (3/1)

Here is the tentative plan, which I kinda think defeats the purpose of a break. Then again if I only run when I feel like it, I might not run at all. How productive would it be to spend the next 3 weeks reading instead of training?

I also considered cross training. Swimming and biking are both strong compliments to running, but I don’t really enjoy either. I should amend that – I don’t enjoy the cycling class offered by my gym, and its difficult to find a good place to ride in my hometown. 

I suck at swimming. I’d get better if I did it more, but I don’t like struggling to do well. Swimming would be good for me mentally and physically. I would stay moving, but have no expectation of myself as far as speed/pace. 

For the same reason, I’m considering keeping the hill repeats. Sure its hard work, but it doesn’t allow for obsessing about pace. Stressing (then feeling like a failure when I don’t meet goal) is the big factor sucking my enjoyment out of running right now.

With Jay coming off of his crutches this week, I’m not sure how long it will be until his leg is in hiking shape. I would love to get back to our Sunday afternoon treks. 

Since the half is a local race, I’ve got several buddies who are planning on racing it. I hope I can arrange for meet ups with them on the weekends for long runs. When I can get motivated (and its not 90 million degrees outside) I love a long run.

Can I borrow $0.02 please?
What do you do between training cycles? Do you try to stay moving in some fashion? How much rest do you give your body? Your mind?


  1. I think breaks are good. Especially if you're in a funk about whatever activity you are doing. Try something new. Try a new class if you can. And considering I'm SO HOOKED on reading right now, I would take reading over running for a few weeks. ;)

  2. I need to get back on it- I have in my head that hopefully with school starting and getting into a routine it will start happening. Do what makes you comfortable- and if you feel your body needs the rest then definitely listen to it!