Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's a Plan Got To Do With It?

Remember this?

My training buddy and I had to shift our schedules around a bit and moved the intervals to today (keep me accountable for doing them after work m'kay?) so we hit the gym for a class. Much needed quad work and an exhausting class. High resistance for most of the class was a challenge, but when it felt impossible, I focused on pushing throw. Slowing down is better than taking the resistance off (as far as my goals are concerned).

Um, yeah.  Didn't happen.

I didn't, however, completely give up for the week.  Its all about small victories, right?


Planned - 4 X 800 Cruise Intervals
Actual - Furniture shopping

What, that doesn't count?  Someone needs to tell my husband. 


Planned - Tabata Class
Actual - 1.5 mi elliptical, 2.25 mi run (treadmill/hill setting)

Getting all my runs in for the week trumps everything else, especially since I had cross trained already on Monday.  Waited on the elliptical for a treadmill to become available, then did a super awesome workout on the treadmill pushing myself on hills.


Planned - 4 X 800 Speed Intervals
Actual - 4 X 800 Cruise Intervals

These intervals are our marker workout, and hard enough on their own.  I consider the hill workout my speed intervals for the week.


Planned - REST
Actual - REST

Didn't want anything interfering with Saturday's long run.  After last week's flop, I needed it to be a good one.


Planned - 14 mile run
Actual14 awesome miles

Felt GREAT this run.  Very encouraged I might actually get a PR in Knoxville this year!


Planned - REST
Actual - 4.7 mile Super Bowl Social

Ran the (hilly) green way Sunday morning with the Socialites.  I was incredibly pleased at my pace (close to a 10 m/m) given the icy conditions and my long run the previous day.


Planned - Hills
Actual - REST

Mom had minor surgery yesterday, and given my father's recent surgery I was her designated driver.  Also figured a rest day would do me well after 2 strong back to back runs.

How'd your training go this past week? 
If you're not in-training for anything, are you doing well meeting your 2013 goals (be they fitness or otherwise)?


  1. My training....went. Great job on an awesome 14-miler!

  2. It's funny, my post was about throwing the training plan out the window too :) Today's 4 mile run may or may not happen depending how my foot and ankle feel a mile or 2 in, so we shall see.

  3. Last week was ok.
    I am really focusing on lifting weights right now, and as a result my mileage is suffering. It feels a little weird, but once I get through this weight lifting program I will up my mileage.

    14 miles is awesome. I cant remember the last time I did more than 5. Yikes.

  4. So far I'm hitting my training goals of going between 16-18 miles per week. =) Glad you had an awesome 14 miles!! Long runs are always hard if they aren't going well.