Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Loving Others

As I mentioned yesterday, my mom had day surgery on Monday.   I appreciate your continued prayers for both of my parents as they recover (and me as I deal with them!!)

The procedure was scheduled for 4PM, so we didn't end up leaving the hospital to well into the evening.  We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up her RX, going through the drive through since I had 2 incapacitated people in the car with me.  The tech told it would be an hour.  It was already 7 o'clock.  My dad yelled "that's unacceptable" from the backseat but I was embarrassed and just drove off.

We got something to eat (drive thru b/c she didn't feel like going in) and went back for the medicine.  40 minutes had passed.  "It'll be another 20" the same tech told me.  I had assumed an hour was "at the most" but apparently not.  Once again my dad (called Grumps by his grandchildren for obvious reasons) yelled from the backseat "unacceptable - we've already waited 45 minutes and she needs to get home" but dude just mumbled something and made it clear he was done with us.

I drove around to the front of the store, parked, got my dad's walker out (he had knee surgery 2 weeks ago), and he hobbled all the way through the store to speak with someone else in the pharmacy.  He explained Mama had surgery and needed her antibiotic before we went home.  He told this new tech we'd already been waiting for 45 minutes.  "I'm sorry" she said,  and immediately went to fill the RX. 

The difference? 

It wasn't my dad's harsh tone, but rather the person who heard the story.  One didn't care, he was just trudging through his day with no consideration how he affected anyone else. The other stopped long enough to listen, sympathize, and helped in the best way she could.

How many people have I treated the same way this tech dude treated us?  Keeping my head down and doing the bare minimum to get through the day?  Let's purpose to see people and show them God's love through the way we treat them.


  1. Good words of encouragement! You never know what type of day someone may be having.

  2. Point well made.

    Hope your parents are doing well today.

  3. Good lesson - and since I work with people all the time, it's one that is good for me. Thanks - and hope the parents are doing well!