Monday, February 25, 2013

The Adventures of BJay in Nashville

Yes, Jay and I have a super-couple name.  Don't all uber-fun couples? 

This weekend Saturday, we headed to Nashville to meet up with a friend of his from college and buddy we met last time we went to Nash-vegas to see the basketball Bobcats play.

Unfortunately, my dad isn't quite up for a 6 hour (round trip) car ride yet, or else he would have joined us.  I lobbied for spending Saturday night at a hotel, but Jay had to get back to meet up with a client, so we made the trip in just over 14 hours.  We left home Saturday afternoon around 2 and pulled into the driveway around 4:30 AM.

Because he's not a very smart man sometimes, Jay snickered because my hair was a bit poofy.  I had let it dry on the car ride, and hadn't given too much thought to it.  As we waited to meet up with the crew, I tweeted about how tempted I was to floof my hair even more.  So of course my tweeple dared me to.  And I obliged.

Yes, I have a lot of hair.  Yes, I'm over it.  Somehow I don't yet have the required 10 inches to get it cut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Not going to give up until I can donate my hair to kids with cancer like I promised my cousin.  Plus, if it gives me another way to torture Jay, I'm cool with it.

We met up with the crew at Whiskey Bent to watch Kevin Denney (of 2001's That's Just Jessie fame) perform.

Then it was time to head on over to the game.

We decided to take a cab over to save the headache of finding a place to park...a decision we'd come to regret later in the evening. 

Our cab driver Bobby gave us his business card so we could call for our return trip, and we headed into the arena.  By this time it was 9 (10PM by my eastern time zone stomach's opinion), and I was starved!  (Apparently nachos and a hot dog are a good carb loader, because I had a good 12 mile run the next day.)

I wish I could say the game was as fun as the festivities earlier in the evening.  Straight away the Belmont Bruins took the lead and kept it for the majority of the game, sending us home with a 19 point loss.

We haz another sad, when we received a text from Bobby the cab driver saying he wouldn't be able to pick us up.  We strolled down music road trying heading toward midtown, where the Nashville residents among us knew we'd be able to catch a cab back to our cars.

Then Jay & I headed back home and each got about 4 hours of shut eye before the alarm got us started for Sunday.  Church + 12 mile run = no trouble falling asleep at 7PM and sleeping through to my 6:26 alarm.


  1. 1. I love Nashville!!
    2. I love your hair :)
    3. I could not have survived that trip. Four hours of sleep? My old body can no longer handle that.

  2. You have beautiful hair - I'm jealous and Jay's crazy!
    You know my last name is Bruins? Sorry you lost to them. :)

  3. Very fun weekend, but no way I would have done it in a day. Getting in at 4:30 am would've made me a very cranky beeotch.

    One of these days I'm going to visit Nashville, though. It's only a 9 hour drive for me. *shudder*

  4. 430 am....not gonna lie I would have skipped church and the run. You are better than I am.

  5. Sounds like a fun & crazy day/night!