Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Part 2!

While this past weekend was work, the Cure Finders dinner and dance is typically our gift to one another.  We dress up, eat a fancy meal, and spend too much money on stuff we want all in the name of charity!  Can't ask for a better deal than that!!
Yesterday, however, my darling loved surprised me...

He and I met 76 months ago yesterday.  The 13th of every month (for the first 11 months) I received a different kind of flower from him.  Since we've been married, flowers have been few and far between (now that his money is my money - I don't want him wasting it on something that will die!) but the surprises didn't end with the note on the coffee machine.
Around 4:45 yesterday, he came to work telling me he had to get something out of my car.  He'd forgotten it this weekend, and needed to get it to the title agency before close of business.  I told him I'd walk out with him, but he insisted it was too cold and rainy (although a look out the window showed no rain).  I stayed inside and he delivered the keys back to me.  When I left work, I found these in my cup holder:

He had to scratch out part of the card to personalize it:


So thankful to have a romantical & thoughtful husband!!
On tap for tomorrow: Valentine's Day Part 3 - my gifts to Jay.