Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Part 3

Today I wanted to show you Jay's Valentine's gifts from me. 
Starting with an incredibly romantical card...

Why do I love you? You're wonderful, fun and patient to boot, but mostly because...

...you still love me when I TOOT!
Pictures for his desk:

and of course it wouldn't be Valentine's without a made-with-love craft:
So maybe I'm not the most romantical person on the planet, but I sure made him laugh!

What did you do for your love this Valentine's Day?


  1. Made him his fave food (breakfast for dinner)! Love your...craft! Haha:)))

  2. I have a feeling you make Jay laugh quite often. :)
    I got Bob a nice card and some of the chocolate he likes. We went our for supper on Friday.

  3. Y'all crack me up! I got Chris a travel coffee mug, and we took our kids and Brian & Jana's kids to Waffle House. Romantic, huh?