Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Training Tuesday - An Injury?

Once again weight training screwed up my plans for the week.  I keep hoping my muscles will get adjusted and not be so sore, but it hasn't happened yet.


Planned - weights
Actual - weights

We started our new heavy lifting plan, including assisted pull-ups.  When these come back around, I think we need to try negative pull-ups to build up our strength.


 Planned - Tabata/Social Run
Actual - Tabata/Social Run

Both of this were hard but good workouts.  I even killed the pace on the hilly social run course - its the best I've ran that section to date!  Very proud of this run.

HOWEVER (during?) after this run my oblique/rib area began to hurt.  I assumed it was sore muscles from two back to back strength days.  Heat and stretching to follow the next couple of days.


Planned - weights
Actual - walk

We were still sore from our weights workouts, so we changed this one to a walk.  Just a little something to get some fresh air and burn some calories


Planned - rest
Actual - rest


Planned - 3 miles easy
Actual -  rest

Saturday was a super long day and I just didn't have the time/energy to get this done.


Planned - 6-8 miles
Actual - rest

My running partner was ill and I was exhausted (and a bit hung over) from Saturday. 


 Planned - 2 X 1600 @ 8:39-8:54 pace.
Actual - 2 X 1600 @ 8:32/8:35
Total mileage 4.25 with warm-up, recoveries, and cool down

The problem?  My rib still hurts.  I'm beginning to wonder if I pulled something or bruised it.  Twisting, sneezing, and touching it hurts.  I'm {thankfully} inexperienced with injury, but a quick web search has me confused.

At what point to I see a doctor?  An ortho or my general doctor?  Do I just need to suck it up?  Do I need to {heaven forbid} rest and not do much to aggravate it?  UGH!!!


  1. Huh - weird place for an injury. I'm wondering if it's a pulled intercostal muscle (the ones that connect the ribs). Definitely something you could've done during the pullups. My advice? (but remember I've trained through injury so you might not want to listen) I'd keep running but maybe back off the upper body strength stuff for a few days. If it starts to affect your breathing, I'd definitely see a doc - your regular one would probably be fine.

  2. I would rest a bit. Or scale back on weights to see if you can help get it back to a not-as-sore state.

    I rarely see my general practitioner. I always go to my chiropractor first. If he can't fix it, and if rest doesn't help, I seek out other professional advice. But....that's just me. (And I haven't done a thing about my knee problems, so I guess I should take my own advice?)

  3. I would continue to rest. That's always the best. I just rhymed.

  4. You can rest with me, lol! I hyperextended my toe during the last run and am hobbling around now. UGH!!! I decided to take a full rest (no weights, no walking, no biking) until the end of the week (unless I feel completely better before then) and if it's still hurting, I'll look for alternative exercises to running. =-/ Hope you get better soon!!