Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to Dinosaur Park

This past weekend, I visited Backyard Terror's Dinosaur Park with my sister and her family. Little man shares my love of dinosaurs (not surprising given his status as a 7 year old boy), and wanted to take me to see all the cool displays.

The concept is fairly simple: life-size replicas of what different types of dinosaurs are believed to have looked like. 

We even were able to see the newest display, showing the bones (so to speak) on how they are built. For perspective in the photo above, look for the ladder which can be seen between the hind-legs of the structure.

Given that they aren't my children and I don't have their mother's permission to post photos of them, I've blocked out there faces. This particular dinosaur has bloody flesh in his teeth and the carcass of lunch between he and the little man.

The princess and I feigned terror when posing next to the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, but the attractions weren't truly frightening. I held the little man's hand through the dark raptor exhibit, but unless your party wants to scare you themselves, nothing jumps out at visitors.

I believe they have a night exhibit as well, but I can't speak to if it is scary (or how much so). The little man is super pumped, though to come back for the Halloween even this coming weekend.

Most intriguing about this park is the location and set-up. All of these dinosaurs live in the yard of a residential neighborhood. Once you go into the park, the property stretches for quite a piece, but its odd to walk through the front gate and see houses on either side.

There is a donation box near the gate, but entry is free. A gift shop is located in the park, and has another donation box. Prices of items are posted, and patrons contribute on the honor system.

My top 2 favorite dinosaurs were represented: the Compsognathus (aka Compy) and the Velociraptor (Raptor) were both well represented at the park.

Along the walking path, picnic tables are set up and visitors are encouraged to bring in a meal or snack. My sister said that the local pizza joint also delivers to the location. As we were leaving, we ran into a group setting up a birthday party.

All in all, it was a cool experience.

Do you have any off-the-beaten-path adventures in your neck of the woods?


  1. That looks like a fun place!

  2. How fun! We have well-known things like NASA, the museum district, and Hermann Park (where you can spend all day). There's also the Art Car Museum with is a quirky little museum that isn't as popular as the others, but it isn't very big.