Friday, October 16, 2015

Life at 35

As the high school choir sang the Trace Adkins song You're Gonna Miss This, I began reflecting on my own secondary school experience. My cousin crossed the stage to get her diploma, and memories of my youth filled my mind.

Did I miss it? NO.

Not even a little. Surely there were perks to being a high school kid, but they aren't what stick out most in my mind. Memories of high school, college, and my early adult life only lead me to the conclusion that life does indeed begin at 30. Or rather that's around when my really started to get good.

Here's why:

  1. This guy

    Never will you hear me claim our relationship to be perfect. He has his faults and I certainly have mine, but we work well together.

    In social respects, we're the classic opposites attract. I'm a social butterfly and he'd be a hermit if given the opportunity.

    When it comes to frugality we're a perfect match. I love it when he opens our financial spreadsheet and he talks nerdy to me.

    (Which reminds me - my 5 year plan puts me to age 40. EEK!)

    Whether it be our next investment or How can I not love a man who can nap and rub my feet simultaneously? A man who loves traveling the country (and the world) with me.

    Which leads me to...
  2. Choose-your-own-adventure

    For a couple who decided early on in our relationship to aim for big vacations every-other year, we have far more adventures in our (imaginary) scrapbook than our 7 married years would imply.

    We've been to California, Hawaii, Maine, the Caribbean, the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas. And of course our latest vacation could be considered the most epic, visiting 7 total countries in 16 days.
  3. Quirks

    Not only am I learning how to love someone who can be so different than me at times, I'm also learning to love myself.

    More than that, I'm becoming comfortable in my skin. In the words of Jamie,  The Very Worst Missionary, "Not everyone likes you. Get comfortable with me, it's liberating."

    While I wouldn't say I have what youths call haters, I certainly have plenty of people who don't get me. Whether is a lack of appreciation for my personal brand of humor, or a misunderstanding for my honesty, I'm not everyone's cup of tea.

    Jay loves me, accepts me, not despite of who am I but because of it. Same with the good friends I've made in the past decade of my life. They know I'm crazier than a bag of raccoons and are totally cool with it.
    With this acceptance and self realization, I'm settling into my own quirky style. Whether I'm finding a way to wear my Arizona Cardinals tee to work, or my Captain America tank to church, I love an outfit that's comfortable, pretty, and like nothing anyone else would wear.

  4. Mission

    Last week, I won this necklace on a blog giveaway. Blending personal style and my life's mission, it seemed to be speaking directly to me.
    "Work While You Wish"
    My calling isn't in the future when circumstances are different. When I find a church which accepts my gift of teaching. When I'm finally called into the mission field. When I have a large social media platform or a book deal.

    My calling begins each morning when I get out of bed and start my day. I live on-mission as I drive into work, or go for a run, or sit down to compose a blog.

    This realization has taken me a while - both to know and to accept. Its most certainly a work in progress, but I'm getting there.

  5. Wisdom

    Whether it be money, knowledge, or an appreciation for talent I've never been this wealthy before. Not that I consider myself rich, genius-smart, or uber-talented, but I can appreciate the assets I do have.

    I have a better perspective on life, both who I am and what the real world looks like. Pick an area of life and I'm coming to realize that some have it better and some have it worse: sanity, financial, family, occupation. Although with each day I'm starting to think I'm more in the "better" column.

    If this is what comes with maturing for 35 years, my 70th birthday should be a blast!

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What has been your favorite season of life so far?
Is there any particular year you'd like to go back and relive?


  1. "Work while you wish." I like that! My early 30's were such a blur. I wish I had taken the time to count my blessings by 5 like this. I have to say this season of learning to savor and living my purpose is pretty phenomenal! Thanks for linking up, Brooke! #FridayFive

  2. I like this whole post! Too many people are wishing for things to come, instead of enjoying where they are. You did good - even if you are crazier than a bag of racoons, and that's pretty crazy!


  4. This whole post is AWESOME! beautiful my friend!

  5. It sounds like you're in a great place! My favorite season of life was probably early motherhood. If I could go back and relive a year, it would probably be the year I turned 23 and was pregnant with my baby girl. I loved being pregnant, and my back hurt more with Cody, that's why I chose when I was pregnant with her! We were also building our first house, and it was a fun time with each other and our friends.