Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Future Homestead

Shortly after getting back from vacation, I made reference to our latest land acquisition* - a 5 acre lot meant to serve as a building ground for the new Camp FTW. Have since closed on the land, I thought it was past time to share it with my blog-folk.

*Jay totally does NOT see the humor in my cheeky references to our adventures in real estate. For other unacceptable words, see also: empire, procurement, and venture.

Speaking of my ever-modest darling love, full photo credit goes to him. I'm sure some editing was involved, but I'm perpetually amazed at the quality pictures he can produce on his smart phone. 

We've already begun to look at floor plans, and hope to be able to enjoy the view from the living room as well as the back deck.

The second photo is of the opposite direction. The pond would be seen from the front of the house.

The land is close to my parents, and Jay assures me he has no Everybody Loves Raymond fears living just a couple of miles away from them. I've already got my dad enlisted to help with the acreage needs bush-hogged. And just maybe Jay could plant a garden one day! 

From what I hear, building a house is both exciting and quarrelsome at times. Have you ever gone through the process? Any advise for me on layout musts? I'm open to any and all suggestions!


  1. Gorgeous views!!! I'm so excited for you. I have zero advice for the building process, though. ;)

  2. how beautiful!! must admit I am bit jealous ;)

  3. That's a beautiful spot! I think it's great you are going to be close to your folks . No advice I'm afraid!