Sunday, October 11, 2015

Over Exposure

For 27 years, I've been a professing follower of Christ. Why then, did I only learn at the age of 35 that the term "Jew" was a derivative of the name Judah - one of the 12 tribes of Israel? Its not spelled out in any particular verse, yet makes total sense. Yet the dots had to be connected for me by a friend.

Similarly, I didn't realize that Babel (as in the tower of) and Babylon are one and the same. Depending on translation - the Bible does spell this out. Yet in my many readings of this part of Genesis, I totally missed on on this tidbit.

Random photo in the GSMNP aka Paradise

I assume everyone has heard of God's love for them, proven in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. This truth, unlike my inconsequential oversights, is life-giving. We must risk overstatement. Actually, there is no such thing as overstating God's love, especially when backed up by His love in action.

Have you ever missed something in plain sight? Overlooked something complete obvious to the rest of the world?


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  1. Well... I am 54 years old and I never knew that Jew came from Judah either!

  2. I didn't know Jew came from Judah, either. I had heard about Babel/Babylon. And I've definitely missed things that were in plain sight!