Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was supposed to auto post on Thanksgiving Day. It didn't, so we're just rolling with it and going a week late.

I'm going to pick up where I left off last week sharing my thankful list. I'm trying to post 1 item from every 10 grouping. We'll see how much longer I have the patience for this before I just skip to the current. I think, however, its good for me to review from weeks ago and give myself a bit of perspective.

I'm typically susceptible to the winter blues, this year circumstances making it worst than normal, so I'll welcome the positivity that comes from gratitude.

4323) Acadia National Park passport stamp - finally!
4334) Snacks in the car (post RI Cliffwalk)
4342) Home run markers - Camden Yards
4353) Travel safety
4366) Family support and love
4375) Ragnar prep meeting
4381) Hiking with family - physical ability

4392) Feelings may lie, but knowing I am never truly alone
4400) Being known for openness of service
4413) Rainbow streak in the sunset (Ragnar team picnic)
4421) Ragnar - as life distraction for me and daddy
4433) Gorgeous scenery for my first leg

4447) Warm hoodies and blankets
4457) Leg 2 - beautiful starry sky
4467) Leg 3 - sunrise
4474) Free massages at final exchange
4483) {another} free massage at the finish line
4494) Fun idea for hiding Jay's birthday present
4504) Eric Church concert 
4519) 13.1 - snow flurries!

4523) Post race yummies
4531) Holding hands with my darling
4549) First fire of winter

Hopefully you are having a great holiday with your family. 
For what are you giving thanks today?


  1. Free massages? Nice!
    I'm thankful for sunshine today, and no snow!

  2. I'm thankful there there was sunshine yesterday. We won't see much more for the next few months.

  3. I completely understand how circumstances can get you down. Gratitude has certainly been helpful for me in tough circumstances! I am thankful for God's provision and for friends.