Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Doing the Double - Part 1, Farragut 13.1

Over a month ago, I ran 2 half marathons in one weekend. Two different race directors picked the same weekend for half marathons locally, people noticed the conflict, and a "wouldn't it be cool if" thing was born.

I haven't blogged about it - first because I was busy with real life. However in recent days I've had trouble with the idea of blogging the events because they aren't something I can go through mile-by-mile and recap.

The objective originally was a PR attempt the Farragut 13.1 (Saturday's race). Then I would "for fun" running the Foothills Half Marathon (Sunday's race). October's vacation struck and I didn't get much running in. There would be no fall half PR for me.

I made it to the starting line with adjusted goals: enjoy myself, and finish with enough left to race the next day. A group of us girls started together, but broke apart in the opening miles of the race. Sharon and Judy went after a sub 2 time. Gretchen dropped back so that she would finish the distance (she hadn't trained for) comfortably. When we hit the hills Kelly & Christal pushed on, leaving Amy and I to tackle the mileage together.

With the exception of the big hill at mile 5 (we walked much of), the first 10 miles we ran at paces between 9:30 and 9:50, varying mile to mile based off of terrain. At the aid station around the double digit mark, we got encouragement from our friend Blaik. Its always good to see a smiling face on the course.

In the last miles Amy was having knee pain, so we slowed the pace into the 10s. She encouraged me to go on, but I saw no point it in. This would be neither my slowest half marathon ever, nor my fastest, so I stuck it out with her until the end.

Chip time - 2:12:06

The best part of the race (excluding the camaraderie we brought with us, of course) was yet to come. The race director did a great job of putting together a post race feast of chocolate milk, Petros, pizza, and tons of other great goodies. I stuffed my face. After all, I was carbloading for a half marathon the next day...


  1. I wish I could find that much fun in a half. so far, still scared :)

  2. I hate hills. It's probably bc. I never train on them bc I live in Dallas and it's flat flat flat.
    Glad y'all had fun!

  3. Good for you! I wouldn't say that's fun, but you're better than me. :)