Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Doing the Double - Part 2

If the goal of the Farragut 13.1 was to save up enough for the next day, the goal for the Foothills Half Marathon was to slow down and enjoy the journey. Unlike the cold, snow-flurry morning of the previous day, Sunday's race was held in the afternoon and the day shaped up to be sunny and warm.

Kelly, Amy, Johnny, Judy and I lined up at the start together but as the race progressed we split off into two group.s Johnny and Judy went on ahead. The half of our Ragnar van representing at this race stuck it out together until the bitter end.

Not trying for a certain pace at all, we looked for goodies stashed along the course. I may or may not have partook a couple times along the way. I have to live up to my hipster reputation* and all.

*I've only been accused of being this by one person, and he'll admit to being a moron.

Late in the race, as with the day before, Amy started having pain. We switched to a walk run and just focused on getting it done. We were surprised by a training buddy waiting at the top of a hill to encourage us.

Step by step, mile by mile, we got it DONE. Chip time - 2:27:26.

2 days + 26.2 miles = Challenge Accepted
3 medals = BEAST MODE


  1. I couldn't even do one half marathon, much less two of them back-to-back like that! Awesome!