Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maine 2014 - The Drive Up {Day 1}

I'm more than 2 months removed from this trip, and regret not blogging about it sooner. I hope readers will enjoy the pictures and my commentary, but I mostly want these to jog my memory about the order of the trip. Using the blog as a digital scrapbook of the vacation, better late than never right??

 I have no clue what this picture is suppose to be. So we'll also agree better soon than later, right??

Just for giggles.

The drive was just over 20 hours long, so we decided to leave immediately after I got off work on Thursday and drive until we couldn't any longer. And by we, I mean Jay. Especially on the road, I have difficulty staying awake after 9PM. We over-nighted on the other side of West Virginia then hit the road again.

Jay's magic box (aka his cell phone) worked overtime for our vacation needs. We stopped at every brewery/pub we could find along the way. Our first stop was just outside New York City, a bit out of the way, but what's a road trip without a bit of randomness?

Captain Lawrence was difficult to find, tucked back behind a warehouse. In true southern fashion, I was quick to strike up a conversation with a stranger. A member of FDNY, he was on his way to visit his grandmother and stopped in the brewery for the first time that day.

Jay bought a sampler, and I enjoyed a "Golden Delicious" beer - flavored in apple brandy barrels. Yes, it was as good as it sounds.

We got lost getting back on the interstate, and passed this guy twice - costing us double in tolls. After driving up the road a bit, we settle in for dinner. The first place we stopped was rated high on trip advisor, but we arrived 30 minutes before the fancy restaurant opened. Another would-be patron dismissed the locked door "Only in Waterbury!" I'm still not sure what that means, but Jay and I break out into giggles whenever the other randomly tosses the saying out.

We ended up at an Irish pub, a bit more our speed. I had some delicious stew and a local beer. We hit the road again, Jay determined to make it to the southern tip of Maine before calling it. Once again we used the magic box, this time securing a hotel before pulling into York after dark.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip! I've never been there, but really want to visit. (PS - I sent an email to your blog address responding to your comment on my blog, and after 3 days it came back undeliverable. Just a heads up!)

  2. We went to Maine in the 80's and really enjoyed that trip. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  3. what a fun traveling partner you have! mine is all about the destination & no unnecessary stops along the way, & absolutely no side trips...

  4. How fun to read about your trip regardless of how long ago it was! Which reminds me...I never posted about New Mexico in March! I'll add that to my list of blog posts to catch up on! :/