Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Training Tuesday - Last Long Run CHKM

planned - Total Body weights class
actual - total body
planned - 3 X 1600 intervals
actual - 5 total miles including warm up, intervals, and cool down.  negative splits hit exactly as i'd planned.
planned - Total Body weights class
actual - rest

tired from 5 days (4 of which were intense) straight working out. 
planned - rest
actual - rest
planned - 14 mile long run
actual - 13.1 run

even those training for 26.2 only did 13 this weekend, so we decide to run the route with them.  pushed it for an extra 0.1 to get an idea of time.  this run was only 2 minutes slower than my PR at Columbia.  hoping that means i can push it in knoxville for a brand new PR.
 planned - rest
actual - rest
planned - cruise intervals 4 x 800
actual - 4 miles: warm up, intervals, cool down

should have been easy-ish (hence "cruise) but the wind made me fight to keep pace in a few spots.  over all though, i'm thrilled to hold a 8:30 pace fairly easily, even if it is just over a half mile.

This weekend we're "only" doing a 10 miler.  After running between 12-14 for so long, it hardly feels like a long run, which was of course the point.  To make that distance seem like nothing.  It'll feel weird running for less than 2 hours this weekend.

How's your training coming along?


  1. I can't believe it's almost been a whole year since last year's CHKM. :) I love that 10 miles feels like nothing for you!

  2. Haha. How's my training coming? What training? I'm such a running loser these days. I've lost my mojo, my desire to run.
    But you have been killing it!

  3. What Jaime said - had it really been a year????

  4. at least the sun has been out for longer runs!

    i'm only about 1/2 way through my first marathon training. slogging along!