Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Training Tuesday {Half Marathon Countdown}

planned - total body weights class
actual - 4 X 800/3.75 miles with warm up & cool down

Moved this from Monday to give our legs a chance to rest from Sunday's 12 mile run.  Splits for this day's intervals were Lap 1 - 8:24, Lap 2 - 8:27, Lap 3 - 8:13, Lap 4 - 8:06

planned - Tabata/Social Run
actual - Tabata/Social Run

planned - total body weights class
actual - total body weights class

This training cycle we're fairly consistent with 1 day a week strength.  That's better than nothing I suppose.

planned - rest
actual - rest

planned - 14 mile long run
actual - 12 mile long run

Some GI issues made for a less-than-stellar run.  Average pace was a 10:28, which included what felt like a lot of slow walking to try and make it back to the bathroom.  This was a crappy run LITERALLY.  Hey - (sh) it happens.

planned - rest
actual - rest

planned - 2 X 1600
actual - 3.5 mile progression run

I decided against speed work this week in a lame attempt to taper for this weekend's big race.  We decided to make this an easy run, but as we warmed up and got lost in our chatter the pace got faster and faster. 
Splits: 9:30, 9:14, 8:56, 8:11

I'm already nervous for this weekend's half marathon.  Do I shoot for a sub 2 hour?  If I'm honest, that's my goal, I'm just not sure how realistic it is this time.  What if I try for it and am disappointed?  Then again if I don't push toward what I truly want, how will I ever reach it?


  1. Only you can decide how to run this weekend's race. You know what your goals are and you've also been running long enough to know that a million factors go in to whether those goals will happen or not - and many of those are out of your control. Decide race morning what you want and if you need to adjust mid race (in either direction) then do so.

    Personally? I think you're going to kill this.

  2. I'd actually recommend the speedwork and remove all EZ running, Brooke. I've found that's worked well for myself.

  3. Go for it! You can totally do it in 2 hours or less! And if it doesn't happen this time, go for it next time!


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