Thursday, April 2, 2015

FTL of Books

Since being chosen to be a part of the For the Love by Jen Hatmaker launch team, I've started incorporating the phrase into everyday conversation. Hence forward FTL = For the Love.

I love books.
I love the library.
I love characters and stories and new places.

I have a short attention span.
I have a 25 minute commute.

I have grown immune to music as anything more than ambient noise.

Enter my friend Kristi. 
She discovered the voodoo magic that is electronic library lending, and was gracious enough to share such wisdom with me. Thanks to her generosity, I'm a 18 books ahead of schedule for my reading goal.  

Is counting audio books cheating? I'm leaning toward yes, but they sure help pad my stats. And after last year's dismal reading performance, I want all the help I can get!! 
A tutorial vlog about how to sign up and use this service would be super-cool-awesome, but given the restrictions of residing in this county, I doubt it would be helpful for my readers. Of course if you are a lurker who knows me in real life, I'd be more than happy to talk you through it.

What I'm Reading Now

I received my paperback copy of For the Love, so I'm rereading it. This round, I'm taking a chapter a day during my morning Bible study to think on the chapter.

A friend recommended Dean Koontz's novel Lightning to me, so I requested it as an ebook. As with a regular library, there are only so many copies (or licenses in this case) to lend out. I had to wait a bit, but the book became available a couple days ago. If this is any indication of other work by Koontz, he has a new fan!

Currently Listening

I decided to take a break from the Brennan Manning kick I've been on lately and am currently listening to Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. Like her work on the TV show The Office, this is a funny, fluffy book. Perfect for my drive to work, or listening to on my solo lunchtime runs (now that my training buddy is on injured reserve).

Recently Finished Titles

As evidence by the picture, Artemis Fowl is my new guilt pleasure read. While I'm slogging through book 5 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I flew through the first 2 books in the Artie series.

 Help a girl out! Who is your favorite author? Anything that you've recently found so compelling you couldn't put it down? Or annoyed the snot outta your friends on social media thanks to your numerous quotes?


  1. I think you can count your audio books - you're still getting the story, right? I never heard of Artemis Fowl. If I can remember that, I'll have to check it out. I'm afraid I have no new authors to brag about...

  2. I haven't read anything lately, but I've read Dean Koontz before. I think audio books count!