Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#ForTheLove - What I'm Reading Wednesday

In prepping for this blog, I thought I had done a series of posts on reading 7: a mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker. Apparently I have one post from 3 years ago where I quoted the book, but nothing more.

excess = picture of my junk drawer. get it? 

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago. Mrs. Hatmaker - okay who are we kidding, everyone who reads her stuff feels like they are her bestie and calls her Jen - put out an invitation on social media. Looking for plain Janes (my words, not hers) to preview her new book For the Love, and provide endorsements.

I'm sure I won't be picked. ~  Doesn't hurt to try. ~ What do I have to lose?

Then, last Monday morning I got the email. I'm in! I'm one of the 500 #chosen. Just like that, I had a link to the ebook and an invitation to the private Facebook group.

while this picture was old, i truly was asked to climb on a desk by my boss one day

Of course Monday also involved me being pulled in a billion directions. I mean they actually wanted me to work whilst at the office. #FortheLove A pile of petty little annoyances and hurts piled up in my personal life.

Don't they know?
Have they not heard?
Leave me alone - I have a book to read!!

The book and the subsequent Facebook posts have been like balm for my soul. Is that cliche? I kinda don't care - its the truth. I finished the ebook a few days ago.

Now I wait, highlighter in hand, for my hard copy to arrive. In one of the book's chapters, Jen describes life as a balance beam act. In order to successful complete the routine, a gymnast must play to her strengths and know what to let go. Rereading this book and hanging out with 499 of my newest girlfriends on Facebook? Totally #OnTheBeam


  1. Yay for you being picked! Glad you liked it and I'm waiting to hear more!

  2. Looks like a good book- will check it out (I got picked for Pete Wilson's Launch- so excited to get started!)

  3. Very cool! I'm so glad you got this opportunity. I should probably read this book!