Saturday, March 28, 2015

Neat & Tidy

I like my life neat and tidy. There should be a certain order to things. I attempt to follow the rules, after all they were set for a reason. Every now and again, however, I get a reminder that the ebbs and flows can't be contained within my set order.

Joining with the other ladies of my current Bible study class, I signed up for Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team. The basic concept is to commit a verse to memory twice a month. 26 verses in total for the year.

Tools include: a spiral index card booklet so that the verse can be carted with me everywhere and the other team members from whom I can draw inspiration for future verses.

The first few verses I chose had meaning to me. The first was to help me remember why scripture memory is so important, and the ones to follow had other significance in my life. 

Until this last round. 

As I've posted about previously, I'm just in a funk these days. Every scripture I considered was quickly discarded. I couldn't for the life of me find a verse I wanted to meditate on. But being the rule-following, tidy kinda girl I am, I couldn't let the deadline pass without picking something. 

Instead, I picked something random. 
And have since abandoned it.

Something to the effect of As water reflects the face, so the heart reflects the person. Proverbs 27:19.  



I'm trying to redeem this time, using it to revisit past verses. I also have a couple more verses picked out for the first of April. Oop! There is my timer. Time to make like a sitcom and wrap this up all neat and tidy like.

Then me and my index cards apologized to one another for missing the mark. We hugged it out and offered forgiveness.



  1. You're better than me. When that came up in our group I didn't do it. I know it's important, but I am no good at memorizing.

  2. My problem with memorization is that I can do it very easily, so I don't make it a point, then I realize that I don't remember verses that I want to remember. It's dumb, really.

  3. I spent time catching up on your blog instead of getting ready, and I still didn't answer your question from a previous comment on my blog...I am currently watching Blacklist, Heroes, and Arrow on Netflix (with various family members).