Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Acadia Preview + Helicopter Ride {Maine Trip}

The following blog contains details from a trip  taken back in October. Unfortunately, I'm just now getting around to doing my write up, but as they say better late than...

For our first official day in Maine, we (Jay, his parents, and I) drove around Acadia National Park to get the lay of the land. My husband got his love of photography honestly, and both of the menfolk enjoyed snapping pictures of the gorgeous scenery.

I'm really not sure we were attempting for this photo, but we had a lot of fun just goofing around. Jay's mother had promised my dad and grandmother that she wouldn't let us do anything dangerous while we were in the park.

We took this photo just to be ornery. The location was the same as the previous picture, and every bit as safe. I was actually standing on a lower rock, crouched down. Jay worked the camera angles just-right so as to make it look like I was over a ledge. We had his mother convinced we weren't as daring as she worried.

Almost. Not completely because she knows her son too well.

One of the most popular spots in the park for photography is Jordan Pond. At the Visitors' Center, Jay had seen a gorgeous picture of the pond perfectly still, reflecting the mountains. He and I made multiple stops to the pond - the picture below taken on our first.

His mother had booked reservations at the Jordan Pond restaurant and we had outdoor seating to enjoy the view. Those who had advised us to pack in layers were dead on - I actually wished I had another layer but the chill in the air made the coffee more enjoyable.


Because I'm using this as a scrapbook of sorts, I want to fast-forward on the trip to another day we didn't take many photos. Several years ago, Jay worked with a client from Maine who has his own helicopter. We were able to meet up with him and go for a ride.

Both thoughtful planning and good fortune were on our side for the trip as a whole - we arrived just about at peak season. The helicopter ride was fun in and of itself, but the scenery was incredible.

I found the amount of undeveloped land to be incredible - professing to never want to leave. Of course just a couple weeks later temperatures plummeted and Maine got its first snow of the season. I'm definitely not made of sturdy enough stock to survive one of their winters.

On the drive home, Jay and I stopped in to the Atlantic Brewing Company for a late lunch of BBQ and to try out some of their beers. I fell in love with their Ellen's Coffee Stout. Stouts aren't typically my thing, but this one was incredible. We bought a bottle to bring home, but it just couldn't live up to the tasty draft in a chilled glass.


  1. We made a trip to Acadia about 30 years ago and loved it! Someday we'd love to go back.
    My son loves to hang at the edges of high spots and take pictures to scare me too. :)

  2. I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter, but considering I sort of freak out in airplanes, I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough. Looks like gorgeous place to visit though.

  3. So Fun!! I love all the photos!!

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  5. I've never been on a helicopter ride, but it looks like fun! Definitely better late than never on the trip post. I have one I haven't blogged about, either, but I really should for the scrapbook of sorts!