Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From Training to Living

For the past year, I've lived in a perpetual state of training. The beginning of 2014 found me in week 5 of marathon training. Following that round with 26.2, I began 10K training, immediately followed by 8K training. Then it was time to training for my fall half marathon, and that training bled into my training for this year's marathon.

I had planned to go straight into 5K training, in prep for a late May race. Mostly, I just think I want a break. Maybe its the post-marathon fatigue talking, but I have no desire to stick with a straight plan. I didn't do speed work in the later part of my plan, so I'm not sure what my hesitancy is.

Of course it could just be too soon to think about training. I'm less than 3 weeks recovered from my big race. Add to that the beginnings of what promises to be a big allergy seasons, and I wonder if I'm asking too much for myself. Perhaps I should just allow my body to be active, rather than in perpetual training.

What does that even look like?

My race schedule typically averages over 1 a month. How would my body react to a month without racing?

2013 - 14
2014 - 18

At the moment, I've completed 3 races in 2015. This coming weekend I'm participating in the Ragnar Trail series in Atlanta, but I wouldn't count that as a race. Its certainly not something for which I've trained.

Dare I clear the race calendar and just keep moving? Yesterday I participated in the Total Body weights class at my gym for the first time since January. I enjoyed the change of pace the circuit routine had to offer, not to mention the muscle soreness that hurts-so-good this morning.

I think I'm more addicted to the thought of a plan than I am to actually racing. I don't really trust myself to stay moving on my own. I'm a lazy person by nature, and I've been fighting lethargy since before the marathon. Depression? Exhaustion? Should I fight it? Or give in and let my body have some rest? 

Listen to your body.

If you were to ask for advice, I would tell you to listen to what your body is trying to say. You've just come off a your 4th marathon - a personal best time yet again. What's wrong with a bit of rest and relaxation? I guess it comes down to not being able to trust myself. The longer I stay inactive, the harder it will be to get back started.

Come back to me in a month. If I'm not back at it, you have my permission to kick my tail. But for now I think I'll go easy on myself. Dress for a run, but walk if I want to. Go to weights class, but don't talk down to myself if I do modified push ups instead of full. Take a hike (with my husband) instead of a weekend long run. 

What does your post-race plan look like? Do you always need to be in training to stay active? Or do you workout for the sheer pleasure of it?


  1. I am mentally prepping for a 5k this Saturday that I haven't prepped for (unless you consider 30ish minutes of yoga most mornings for the past week & half... you can rest!

  2. I am mentally prepping for a 5k this Saturday that I haven't prepped for (unless you consider 30ish minutes of yoga most mornings for the past week & half... you can rest!

  3. I think it's totally OK to take a rest. After being in training for a year, you deserve a rest!

  4. Because things (ie, speeds/paces) were going so poorly for me, I ditched my watch with less than 3 weeks before my half and 6 weeks before my 25k. I'm still doing most of the runs but just running by feel vs the pressure to hit certain paces. This morning's 4 miler felt really strong and fast, but for all I know, I was running an 11 m/m pace. I guess I'll find out if this was a good idea when my results are posted for my race.