Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day!

We've had more snow these past couple weeks than we have all "winter" here in east Tennessee. I love some snow, and I have a handy-dandy husband who can get me where I need to be come-what-may. So when the forecast calls for the white fluffy stuff I say bring it on!!

I took the above picture Wednesday morning - this snow in our yard/driveway was leftover from Monday's overnight storm. When I awoke Thursday morning, even more snow greeted me.

I let my boss know I wouldn't be coming into work, and headed back to bed. These days, I've been catching up with last decade by reading the Harry Potter series. I've been slogging through Goblet of Fire for over a week now, so I quickly came up with my first snow day objective - finish the book.

After my morning coffee and Bible study time, I did just that. I finally reached the part explaining why everyone said that book 4 was where the action really got started. Jay had some work to do, and said he couldn't go out and play in the snow until the afternoon. I was glad to hear that our goals for the day were lining up just perfect.

Goal 2 for the snow day - walk to the nature path in our subdivision.

We hadn't even made it to the first of 5 bridges when Jay got a text. He had to go place a phone call, but professed to only be 2 minutes. Being honest and putting it all out there - I was ticked. How dare he put my snow day on hold. Then a stroke of e-vile genius hit me. No need in ruining the afternoon with a bad mood.

Instead of pouting, I spent the time finding cover and making snowballs. When he finally headed back to the trail, the poor unsuspecting soul didn't know what (almost) hit him.

I stuffed a few more in the pouch of my hoodie for later. When I was at point-blank range, walking behind him on the trail, I pelted him in the head and the back of the neck.

We went back into the house, and I napped (goal #3) while he did some more work. He wanted to build a snow-cabin, but I was more interested in attempting to sled. Last year we regretted not having one, so I'm not sure why we have yet to acquire one. Instead, we were stuck using our big trash can lid from the garage. It took some hard work on Jay's part pushing me, but I still give us credit for achieving sledding as objective 4.

My fifth and final item on my agenda was to take a hot bath whilst starting a new book. Despite living in our house over a year, I had never used the jetted tub before yesterday. We've always just got in the hot tub rather than taking the time to run up water. Yesterday, however, the hot tub cover had a big ole pile of snow. Jetted tub to the rescue!!

I put baked potatoes in the oven, lit a scented candle and cracked open this book. About 80 pages later, my water got cold and I finished the evening wrapped in my heated blanket, devouring another 100 chapters.

Long story short: the perfect way to spend a snow day!


  1. Sounds perfect - and it's very pretty there!
    We heard from Heather a little while ago and they got their vehicle back. They'll be heading home in the morning.

  2. You had the best snow day! We bought a sled a few years ago on clearance at Target. It's come in handy the past two years. :)