Monday, February 23, 2015

Captain's Log: Day 3

Catching up for those who are late to the party. Friday I awoke to frozen pipes in the house. Saturday, thanks to a bit of freezing rain and ice, I was stuck at the house all day with no running water (save Jay running to the creek to fetch another bucket for flushes). 

Don't let the dates confuse you, each blog was posted about the previous day. So that brings us to Sunday, day 3 of no water.

I've solved for the coffee issue. Jay solved for the toilet issue. Dishes, laundry, and showering were the dirty trinity for the weekend. Winter running gear is expensive, so I only have a week's worth. Thankfully, I spent most of the week on the treadmill. I've got tees and capris running out my nose.

Paper plates, plastic bowls, and Styrofoam cups allowed Jay and I to have meals at home without creating too big of a mess. I even fixed salmon and roasted red potatoes with very little of a mess - God bless the inventors of aluminum foil to line baking sheets!

I've tried to be grateful for all I have through this, but its very difficult. I've been snippy and short tempered. Sunday morning, I struggled to focus on what the pastor was saying in service. My 16 mile long run was cut to 12 due to my bad attitude alongside the hardship of ice-covered bridge sidewalks. A girl can only play chicken with so many cars before deciding to pack it up.

Jay had a fire blazing when I got home from my run. I love the coziness of a fire and his efforts to brighten my day (and lower our electric bill) did not go unnoticed. My parents had invited us over for a steak dinner - talk about a win/win/win. A yummy and delicious meal with no mess for clean-up? Yes please!!

The sky was dropping more moisture as we got set to leave my parents, but we couldn't specifically define what kind. I grew despondent. Forecasts called for the highs the next day not to top 30* degrees. If 40*+ hadn't done the trick, we were in for a long wait. We filled up the 5 gallon water jug my dad had loaned us, and headed home. Jay parked my car in the garage, and carried the jug up to the deck.

I waited as he typed in the number code to unlock the house. 

He turned the handle, pushed open the door.

As I walked through our front door, the sound of angels singing greeted me. 

We had left the kitchen faucet on, and it was flowing freely!! Never have I been so excited to run the dishwasher or do a load of laundry. The Lord heard my cry and delivered me!! 

Of course I don't believe that God unfroze my pipes merely because I requested my Bible study group to pray for me that afternoon. I do, however, think He attempted to use this experience to open my eyes to the things in life I take for granted:
  • an able bodied husband
  • parents who love me
  • parents who enjoy spending time with me
  • a Bible study class who accepted me as I was, prayed for me, and a precious lady who offered to let me shower at her place
and last, but of course not least:
  • running water
 My cup runneth over.


  1. Hooray for running water!!! :)

  2. Yay!! Glad you have water again! Way to be resourceful with the foil and all. So glad your parents are nearby to feed you and give you water!

  3. I love this post!! it is amazing what we take for granted until we have to do with out.

  4. I love this post!! it is amazing what we take for granted until we have to do with out.

  5. Hooray for running water and thawed pipes!!