Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ack-sen-you-ate the Positive

Here are the rules: there are no rules.
Okay maybe there are a couple of rules - set your timer for 5ish minutes and get to writing. Don't forget to link up with Jaime when you are done. I can't wait to read what you decide to share!


Now its my turn - buckle up and let's get started!!!

Does it count as SOC if I keep deleting my text? I mostly want to whine about being tired. Seems like that's all I get done these days. Then I hate that I want to whine about it, because otherwise this marathon training cycle is going great! I'm actually losing a bit of weight, the miles are easy, and I haven't missed any major runs.


Each night I struggle to stay awake to the 9 o'clock hour.

I hate that this is my post though. So many other awesome things going on that I could talk about instead of sleep deprivation. I'm like that annoying mother who dreams of having a baby, talks about how awesome babies are, then complains about a 2am diaper change.

If this is what I wanted, why am I complaining?

So, instead, I'll focus on "all these awesome other things" - like the girls weekend that is my marathon. We're starting to plan who's car we are driving and what-not. We've had our hotel booked for months.

Non-running related, I'm excited that my favorite band - Skillet - is going to be in Knoxville next Friday at the Winter Jam concert.  Also a week from today, my darling and I will celebrate the 100th monthiversary of that Friday the 13th when we first met. Not to mention the 14th - Valentine's day, and the 16th - Presidents day (to be celebrated with a hike).

Oh, and as you are reading this, I'll either completing my 16th half marathon or celebrating with a nice, long afternoon nap.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. I'm sure you completed that marathon and I hope you enjoyed the nap!

  2. You deserve to be tired with all that training. I hope you are really close to that long nap after an awesome marathon. I know you did great!!

  3. Hope you rocked it! Enjoy that nap. I did a 5K yesterday and napped after - so I can't imagine how beat I'd be if I were you. :)

  4. WOW a 16th half marathon?! For real!? You are amazing. And you are allowed to complain some but also love how you found all to be thankful for. Hope it went well!

  5. I want to hear more about the half marathon. :) I think it's one I had contemplated (and am no glad I didn't try to do since I was stuck in bed all weekend sick.)

  6. Celebrating President's Day with a hike? Now that's what I call blazing a trail. Way to raise the bar. Half marathons? You have certainly earned a nap (or three). - Laura Harris

  7. Fun awesome other things! I understand the tired thing, though. I asked someone how he was doing at church yesterday, and he replied, "Well rested". I don't think I've felt well rested since high school!