Saturday, February 21, 2015

Captain's Log: Day 1

This week we - like a good portion of the country - have had severe winter weather. Of course living in the south-east, please know that our severe is different than those living in the New England area. However, considering our roads (hilly, curvy, and with steep hillside banks) and minimal snow fighting power (plows, salt, and such) a layer of ice topped with snow really does debilitate our area.

I am incredibly thankful that, unlike many in the area, Jay and I never went without power. We do have an alternate heat source, but I'm so glad we've only used the fire place for ambiance and enjoyment this winter.


Yesterday morning, I awoke to every germaphobes nightmare - our pipes were frozen. Last year, we had a landscaping sprinkler (which we didn't even know we had, much less known to winterize) exploded and made us water-less for a day. In the process, we added insulation and an electric heat strip.

So when the temps threatened to dip below zero (farienheight), we thought we were covered.


StreamToday is day 2 without water. Day one wasn't very difficult. I had water in the Keurig, so my coffee experience wasn't compromised. I headed to work, same as always. After work, I ran on the treadmill and showered at the gym before going home. Taco Bell for dinner meant no dishes to linger in the sink while we waited for water.

Looks like my 5 minutes of free-writing is up. Perhaps I'll do both Stream of Consciousness Saturday AND Sunday this week. Linking up with Jaime, and I can't wait to read your posts!!


  1. Bummer! I was afraid for a little while we would lose power, because the power lines were so heavy laden with ice. Thankfully, that didn't happen. This week has been crazy!

  2. yeah- I went 29 hours without power (plus 4 hours LAST Saturday randomly) and 1 hour Wednesday night. It was CRAZY and cold!

  3. Hope everything is back to normal!

  4. Oh, that stinks. We've been without water before and it's awful. Having driven on your kind of roads on vacations before, I can't imagine what they are like with snow and ice. Be careful!!

  5. Oh no! We were really worried about our water, too, but thank goodness we were okay. With 4 of us in the house, I couldn't imagine. Hope it is back now...that ended so suddenly I was so ready for a good conclusion! (also, craving Taco Bell now)

  6. I hate to say it, but I told you so. :) Do you remember earlier in the year when you posted something about not having any snow or winter weather? I responded, telling you that Heather was getting married and would be coming to honeymoon in a cabin near you, so I was sure you would get snow then.
    Guess what? The wedding was yesterday and they should be arriving at the cabin anytime!
    Seriously - I hope it passes soon, and that you have water sooner!

  7. Like your winters, ours aren't as harsh as so many (barely ever snows). BUT we don't have many resources to deal with it. That totally stinks about the water! I'm glad you have somewhere else to shower! :)

  8. We always discover busted pipes in the spring time. I'm hoping we're safe this time. (The plumber who fixed them last summer claimed we would be safe!)