Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trophy Wife Nightmares

Warning: Crazy dream ahead

 No, I'm not talking about Boston Qualifying.

I'm talking about the movies my mind makes when I'm asleep. This past week I've had 2 weird ones.

Two nights ago, I dreamed of a blood and guts. It seemed as if I did the shooting, yet somehow the bullet passed through the other person in the dream and then through my side. I can't remember who or why, only that the dream was one which felt incredibly real.

When I awoke, I had a pain in my side. This, of course, gives me a chicken/egg question - did I dream about being shot because of the pain in my side? Or did my brain convince my side that it was injured?

Last night I had an even more scary dream - me, preggers. I didn't know how far along. But it was my second night of dreaming about something that terrifies me and I hope to never experience. This time I awoke to a full bladder, which was probably the cause of the strange dream.

I've read up a bit on dream interpretations, but am not an expert by any means. My guess is that I'm feeling out of control in my life and am worried about possible outcomes. Is this more of my marathon anxiety? The race is the only think I'm consciously worried about, but who knows what lies in the innermost recesses of this brain!

My 5 minutes is up, so I'm heading over to link up with Jaime. What's on your mind this weekend? Be sure to let me know if you write a stream post. I'd love to check it out.


  1. Love reading about other people's dreams! I have crazy dreams all of the time.

  2. Ugh! Scary dreams like that are the worst. I had a super vivid one a few weeks back. I always chicken / egg that stuff. Is this meant to be a warning or did I just eat bad chicken. You are going to rock the marathon. Don't let yourself get in your head! (Is that something marathon-ey to say?)

  3. I have crazy dreams too and I always wonder where they come from.
    You're going to do great in that race!

  4. I hate scary dreams. Especially ones that seem real. I joined in this week at #SOC and it was really hard.

  5. I haven't had crazy dreams in a while - I think the last time was really when I was actually pregnant. It sounds like you're stressed about something. It could be marathon-related.

  6. I have pretty crazy dreams a lot! I think stress is usually behind the scary ones.