Saturday, January 17, 2015

Marathon of Doubt

Confession: This is actually Stream o'Friday. Scheduling the post because I have a busy day tomorrow. I just hope I can remember/find the time to link up with Jaime.


Things are really starting to pick up with marathon training. I'm not sure why, but over these past couple weeks the mileage has finally started to feel "real." The mid-week runs are up to 7 miles now - given they only climb to 8, I feel like I'm almost there.

Of course we ran 15 miles for our long run last weekend, given us another 7 weeks to build an additional 5 miles. Maybe its been so long since I've done 20 I've forgotten how daunting it is, or else my body has just grown accustom to the mileage.

Last round - Covenant 2014 - I didn't even complete a 20 miler. 4 weeks before the race I ran the Whitestone 30K, rounding my mileage up to 19. Then the week of the 20, I chose to ran my annual South Carolina half marathon instead. Intending to add miles before or after, but they just never happened.

Part of me is nervous. Historically I've PRed at every marathon I've ran. Each time I've progressed leaps and bounds as a runner, so naturally my time has improved. As my body has adjusted, 26.2 seems more natural. BUT

What if that's not the case for this race? What if I train more than I've ever trained before and my result falls short of my hopes?

I suppose the optimist would view it as a win/win. Either I do get faster, proving to myself that dedication to a training plan can pay off.

or else

I realize that my body doesn't require as high mileage in order to run the distance, leading to me running more marathons, whilst training less.

Before anyone says it - yes, I know I think/stress/worry to much about a hobby that's supposed to be fun. I'm trying to just enjoy the experience, and for the most part I'm succeeding. Every now and again, however, those pesky little doubts pop up.

So - what's on your mind this weekend? 
If you decide to do a SOCS post, be sure to let me know so I can read it.


  1. My theory is that it is going to be what it is going to be. Just train and let what happens happen and be good with it. Have some fun and don't stress about it. I'm trying to decide about doing a half marathon in May. I have to decide soon because I'll need to start training the first part of February, if I do.

  2. I can't imagine running 20 miles, so in my mind you're already a superhero ha. I know you always want to be improving and do your best, and I hope that you feel awesome about this race!

  3. I do need to sign up for a race. I have 0 motivation period. Good for you on training!!!

  4. I'm just happy that I know what PR means! I'm excited to hear how you did. I guess you'll know what training works and you will be super relaxed for the next race. I overthink everything!

  5. Wait....what is your next marathon?? I have two potential half marathons to run the first half of the year. I haven't put them out there for fear of the universe working against me. ;)

  6. I'm finally catching up on posts while I was in India! I admire your dedication to this, even if you do stress about it! My boy's first track meet is Thursday! He started training last week (after being in off-season since cross country ended), and he ended up running a total of 37 miles! He did the workout twice on several different days. #overachiever ;) Anyways, he's only a few seconds off his PRs from last year, so I'm expecting a great season! I'll keep you posted...