Friday, January 16, 2015

Getting the Ball Rolling

My goal for the new year was to get back into my blog routine - both posting and reading. While I've been posting 2-3 times a week, I don't feel like I've really gotten back to the heart of why I love writing.

Sure, it only takes a few minutes to posts some pictures, a quick list, or a 5 minute stream-of-consciousness post. What I'm struggling with, however, is the deep stuff. I love taking an idea and fleshing it out with words - bending, turning, and exploring the issue.

I've just not taken the time to do that, and I miss it.

Heck, I'm even having trouble drafting this into an actual blog post! I guess what I'm looking for is help, inspiration, encouragement. Really anything that may be in the way of assistance.

Do I lack organization, time, or is this just an manifestation of seasonal depression?
Do you have a good system for picking topics? A certain time of day devoted to blogging? 
How do you push through when blogging becomes a chore?

Typing out that last question reminds me a lot of running. Its no secret I love to run. Its also common knowledge that I'm the laziest marathoner I know. So what gives? I love the action, but I hate the idea of getting started.

Is that fear? Apathy? Anxiety? Or just busyness and lack of proper prioritization?
Maybe the answer is a written plan for blogging, much like my run training plans. A training buddy also helps. Any volunteers?

Talk to me! I need help getting this ball rolling again.


  1. oh my goodness! this is me! I want to write, but I don't think I have anything exciting enough to waste my & everyone else's time on LOL

  2. I have a lot of thoughts in my little head. Any time I think it's worth writing about, I start a draft in my blog. I have 27 drafts right now.

    I try to write either at night or on the weekends, when L is asleep. (Nap time.) On good weeks, I'll get a few posts scheduled.

    If you were on WordPress, I'd recommend some calendar plugins to help you figure out a calendar of topics. ;)

  3. I wish I had a good suggestion, but I'm the most inconsistent blog writer/reader. I'm lucky if I do more than one post a month lately :/ definitely want to try and up my game a little bit this year but who knows. I think I said that last year too ;)