Monday, January 5, 2015

Maine 2014 - The Drive Up {Day 2}

Finally in Maine, but with still a few more hours of travel before reaching our final destination, we decided to see some of York before moving northward.

I took my time walking around the hotel, sipping coffee, and enjoying free breakfast in my jammies (apparently that's not a thing in Maine) waiting on sleepy-head to wake up. Then we hit the York Cliff Walk.

We strolled a half mile to the dead end, stopping in the middle to get into a little trouble.

Much to the chagrin of our parents, this was the tamest of all the walks/hikes we did on this vacation.

York also provided our first lighthouse of the trip.

Of course what would the trip have been without a stop off to say hello to a certain former president?

I remain impressed at how secure the Bush 41 compound in Kennebunk Pork is, while also allowing for people to pull off the road and take pictures.

This detour was well worth the extra travel time it took us to get there. We drove route 1 the rest of the way up to Southwest Harbor, the city where his parents had rented a house.

Maine Brewing Company was an unexpected stop along the way, but worth turning around for. Both here and at the pizza place where we had lunch, we saw several people wearing Marathon bibs from earlier in the day. I embarrassed Jay (as I always do when I talk to strangers) but I had to congratulate them.


  1. I'm jealous! I would love this trip!

  2. so fun!! Love the shot of you + the light house & the cliff!!

  3. This seems like such a great trip!